onna ga medatte naze ikenai

Morning Musume is going to release a new single soon and the PV for it is already out. I gotta agree with most that this isn’t one of their best songs. The tune isn’t really catchy. However, their costumes are nice. (Bonus points for being pink.) Don’t quite like the puffy accessory in their hair though.

Who’s missing? Koharu. I’m celebrating this one. I’m sorry, I cannot stand her. Her voice sticks out like a sore thumb. She’s fine as a solo artiste, but I think she just ruins it when she was in Morning Musume. Even Sayu, having the weakest voice blends in even if all she gets to do is just that little sigh thing. If you’re wondering where Koharu went, she quit. She has moved on in her career and would like to go down the modeling path.

mihimaru GT

The first time I listened to a mihimaru GT song was “I Should Be So Lucky”. A remake of Kylie Minogue’s song. 1) I was curious to hear the remake. 2) I have heard people talking of mihimaru GT, but have never listened to their songs. By the way, the song was kinda cute.

The second time I come across another one of their songs was when I went blog hopping and got to Celestine’s sister’s blog. Her sister put “いつまでも響くこのMelody” on her blog. Now, I’m kinda hooked on the song.

Recently, I downloaded a new mihimaru GT pv. I really love the new song. It sounds like one of those meaningful songs.

Enjoy all 3 songs now…

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x809Q4NMvXg http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Do_t09_qtog

pepper keibu

I have to say this coz I just can’t stand it anymore…

I just can’t tahan Koharu. Her dancing is like so forced. Maybe for certain energetic songs that kind of dancing would be ok, but not for a remake of an old song. No doubt the song is kinda lively, but hello, you are dancing to a 经典歌曲, I would expect the dancing to be more fluid. Look at Takahashi Ai’s dancing. She does it perfect.

The song I am talking about is Pink Lady’sペッパー警部“.


remix version

For the past few days, I’ve been listening to Ayu’s remix albums. Now, I can safely say Eurobeat is the best. At least it’s easy on the ears. After listening to 3 Ayu-ro-mix albums, it has my stamp of approval to be played in deary’s car. On the other hand, I started listening to the new Ayu-mix albums (Gold & Silver), 3 songs and off to the bin it goes. What a huge contrast ehz.

one hell of a week

[edited @ 10.29pm]

*sings* ジン! ジン! ジンギスカン! Hey brother, ho brother, nice brother, go brother!

I hate it when I have to study and that Berryz工房 song is stuck in my head. It has been like that since I woke up from my nap. I was actually dreaming the song for gawd knows what reason. 

[kml_flashembed movie="http://www.youtube.com/v/eu93rxTiSUk" width="400" height="325" wmode="transparent" /]

The song is actually a remake of a 1970’s german song.

[kml_flashembed movie="http://www.youtube.com/v/9pcIe5ViSoE" width="400" height="325" wmode="transparent" /]


I’m having one hell of a week. I just handed in 3 assignments today. Let me complete my mid-term tomorrow and then I can catch my breath. Uh…I still have tons of reading to do, but at least it’ll be a little more relax.

My happiness was shortlived. Mushroom broth was on the menu for today. Had it for lunch and took a chance for dinner. Crapz. They didn’t have it for dinner. They should have mushroom broth on the menu EVERYDAY.

I hate it when I wanna be there for deary, but I can’t coz I have homework and studies to see to. 🙁

tears of the sun

I see NewS has reached their second phase of their singing career. The phase where they get more grown up/serious songs. I’ve watched the pv for “太陽のナミダ”. Nothing much to say except that the setting looks good. At least, it doesn’t look like some cheap budget pv. I know this is weird of me not to gush over Massu, but he was all serious in the pv. I think I like smily, bounce around Massu better. The moody feeling seems to suit Shige and Ryo though. Oh, and the dance is a little weird. Maybe I need to watch a the pv a few more times to find it ok. *shrugs*

The ending was kinda hilarious though. P giving a grin, saying thank you in kansai-ben, and doing his trademark cups-over-eyes thing. This is the third time he’s doing that. :laugh:

Alright…just watch the pv.

[kml_flashembed movie="http://www.youtube.com/v/5Q1sA6KPXlk" width="400" height="325" wmode="transparent" /]

Talking about P, did you see the recent pictures of P in Anan magazine? OMG…what is the 老头 thinking? I don’t care if he allowed Matsujun to do something similar before. Matsujun is like senpai rank already.  Fans are like much older. But P? OMG…P was butt naked with an equally naked ang moh chick. Fans are so going to clobber the ang moh girl to death if they knew who she is.

Oh yea, I was busy downloading songs and stuff last night. I think The Brilliant Green’s new song “Ash Like Snow” sounds great! The song is used for the anime “Mobile Suit Gundam 00“. There’s something about Tommy – she looks so cute although she’s past 30. She has this childlike feeling around her.

[kml_flashembed movie="http://www.youtube.com/v/Bus7RLS_qoc" width="400" height="325" wmode="transparent" /]

Ok, last video… ºC-ute’s “LALALA 幸せの歌”. I don’t really fancy the new song. I think Tsunku should just stop adding his stupid voice in the songs. Totally spoilt the song. It’s also quite obvious who’s the favourite girl this time – Maimi. Maimai has grown! She’s no longer ちび of the group. 🙂

[kml_flashembed movie="http://www.youtube.com/v/raXUIgTXBDk" width="400" height="325" wmode="transparent" /]

don’t dress me up

One of my favourite OLIVIA songs.

Dress Me Up (English Version)

Why are you looking at me like that?
I do not feel a very good vibe
Why are you pushing me away?
Now it’s not like I really want to stay

Oh I, I might be small
But it doesn’t mean I can’t reach the sky
I, I might be weak
But it doesn’t mean you can knock me down

Don’t Dress me Up I’m already dressed
Do you like my shoes?
Why are you turning away?
You haven’t seen nothing yet
Don’t Dress me Up I’m already dressed
Do you like my shoes?
Why are you turning away?
You haven’t seen nothing yet

Why aren’t you giving me a chance
I have a way of my own
Why are you being so damn crude
Hey look! You are a human being like me

Oh I, I might trip and fall
But it doesn’t mean I don’t know how to stand tall
I, Don’t look like her
But I am glad as hell I am, who I am

Don’t Dress me Up I’m already dressed
Do you like my shoes?
Why are you turning away?
You haven’t seen nothing yet
Don’t Dress me Up I’m already dressed
I’ve got something to say
You don’t know what I can do
And you don’t know who I am

Don’t Tear me Up into many pieces
You can’t touch my soul
You better get used to it
Cause, I’m not going no where
Don’t Dress me Up I’m already dressed
Do you like my shoes?
Why are you turning away?
You haven’t seen nothing yet

elisia says: I think she means “don’t stereotype me” when she sings “don’t dress me up”.