Who are you, really?
My name is Elisia and I’m from the small red dot on the map called Singapore. I was influenced by my friend, Nadine and got interested in building websites when I was 14. I am proud to say that I taught myself simple html and css. My first website I built was through and through an amateur site complete with animated gifs, and different backgrounds and midi tunes for every page. I had no idea then that “simple is beautiful”.

I have been blogging since 2003? but I only have archived entries from 2004 onwards. I started blogging on a free blog site (can’t even remember what it’s called now but it has closed down) then moved on to another free blog site, Diaryland. I finally got fed up of not being able to control the look and feel of my blog, so I moved on to paid webhosting. My first paid website was hosted by my friend, Raynor. It lasted for a while, but being the control freak that I am, that did not satisfy me for too long. Besides, my friend wanted to give up his webhosting package. So I purchased my own domain and webhosting package, and that’s how this blog got set up.

There have been occasional dry spells where I completely stopped blogging (especially when I entered college and began working full time). By then, I had outgrown the diary-style writing and logging my day-to-day activities. During those times, I wanted to write about my thoughts on issues and share my happy/sad moments, but was either busy with school or work. When I finally had time to blog, I had already lost the motivation to do so. I returned to regular blogging when I quit my job. Then, the kids came and my time was no longer my time.

I would go on cycles of blogging and then long hiatus. I am currently building my Instagram account and trying to be a nano influencer. (Can I even call myself one?) I still love writing and feel the need to go back to what I truly love. Writing helps me to sort out my thoughts and hopefully create conversations with others. Not sure how many follow my blog but I have come to accept that I write for myself even if no one reads it.

Why is this blog called “REAL ME”?
I like Ayumi Hamasaki and “Real Me” is the title of one of her songs. It is also how I want others to know of me…the real me. I do not claim to be someone I’m not. I do not walk around with a mask or a different persona. This is who I am, this is me…the real me.

What do you blog about?
This is a personal blog where I share my thoughts and emotions with my readers. Thus, the entries are varied. There are serious entries where I discuss worldly issues and also seemingly superficial entries (hahaha…the kyaa-ing posts) where I fantasise about fictional characters.

What do you do besides blogging?
I am very active on IG (@realisticsoul). Busy building my profile as a nano influencer.

I am into Japanese culture:

  • I have been to Japan quite a few times.
  • I studied Japanese until the intermediate level, but really I’m only at the elementary level.
  • I listen to Japanese pop music and am very much into NewS, AAA, YUI, Perfume, SCANDAL, Ayumi Hamasaki, etc.
  • I enjoy going to karaoke and singing Japanese songs.
  • I am also into Lolita fashion. It is an expensive hobby and I’ve quite a collection of dresses, but in actual fact, I’ve only worn these dresses a few times.
  • I like Japanese food especially ramen, curry rice and omu rice, but I do not eat raw food. So no sashimi and selected sushi for me.
  • I used to watch Japanese dramas a lot but have since stopped. I do watch the occasional Japanese movie and am into anime and manga now. In particular, I like shoujo anime/manga.

Besides all things Japanese, I like watching crime dramas especially Criminal Minds. I am also currently catching up on lots of Chinese dramas. Hmmm…I also ponder a lot over some “questions of life”…things that perhaps some people may find it inconsequential. I do blog about these from time to time (secretly hoping that they become conversation topics with people).

If you like any of the above or just want to be friends, drop me a note, comment, whatever… Being a social media enthusiast, I’m on almost every popular social media channel. Just remember to identify yourself before adding me as a friend.

[Updated on 15 September 2021]

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