Who are you, really?
My name is Elisia. I was influenced by my friend, Nadine and got interested in building websites when I was 14. I am proud to say that I taught myself html and css. My first website I built was through and through an amateur site complete with animated gifs, and different backgrounds and midi tunes for every page. I had no idea then that “simple is beautiful”.

I have been blogging since 2003? but I only have archived entries from 2004 onwards. I started blogging on a free blog site (can’t even remember what it’s called now but it has closed down) then moved on to another free blog site, Diaryland. I finally got fed up of not being able to control the look and feel of my blog, so I moved on to paid webhosting. My first paid website was hosted by my friend, Raynor. It lasted for a while, but being the control freak that I am, that did not satisfy me for too long. Besides, my friend wanted to give up his webhosting package. So I purchased my own domain and webhosting package, and that’s how this blog got set up.

There have been occasional dry spells where I completely stopped blogging (especially when I entered college and began working full time). By then, I had outgrown the diary-style writing and logging my day-to-day activities. During those times, I wanted to write about my thoughts on issues and share my happy/sad moments, but was either busy with school or work. When I finally had time to blog, I had already lost the motivation to do so. I returned to regular blogging quite recently when I quit my job. I am trying to keep up with this and hope that it will continue even when I begin my next job.

Why is this blog called “REAL ME”?
I am a fan of Ayumi Hamasaki and “Real Me” is the title of one of her songs. It is also how I want others to know of me…the real me. I do not claim to be someone I’m not. I do not walk around with a mask or a different persona. This is who I am, this is me…the real me.

What do you blog about?
This is a personal blog where I share my thoughts and emotions with my readers. Thus, the entries are varied. There are serious entries where I discuss worldly issues and also seemingly superficial entries (hahaha…the kyaa-ing posts) where I fantasise about fictional characters.

What do you do besides blogging?
I am into Japanese culture:

  • I have been to Japan quite a few times.
  • I studied Japanese until the intermediate level, but really I’m only at the elementary level.
  • I listen to Japanese pop music and am very much into NewS, AAA, YUI, Perfume, SCANDAL, Ayumi Hamasaki, etc.
  • I enjoy going to karaoke and singing Japanese songs.
  • I am also into Lolita fashion. It is an expensive hobby and I’ve quite a collection of dresses, but in actual fact, I’ve only worn these dresses less than 10 times.
  • I like Japanese food especially ramen, curry rice and omu rice, but I do not eat raw food. So no sashimi and selected sushi for me.
  • I used to watch Japanese dramas a lot but have since stopped. I do watch the occasional Japanese movie and am very much into anime and manga now. In particular, I like shoujo anime/manga.

Besides all things Japanese, I like watching crime dramas especially Criminal Minds.

If you like any of the above or just want to be friends, drop me a note, comment, whatever… Being a social media enthusiast, I’m on almost every popular social media channel. Just remember to identify yourself before adding me as a friend.


[Updated on 10 December 2014]

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