new food items at Starbucks

Mmmmmm…sounds good to me. I don’t usually have meals at Starbucks coz the food is awfully pricey ($12+ for meatball pasta when I can get a decent plate of spaghetti at Cintech for $6). It’s just an occasional thing when I do decide to eat something there. I usually get the meatball penne or roasted chicken and vegetable wrap or creamy/curry ugly chicken puff. I strongly recommend the wrap. If you think it’s small and won’t fill you up, you’re wrong. Plus the mushroom truffle dip is really good.

summer frapps

Heh. Before Starbucks could even send me the emailer, I’ve already tried their new drink. That goes to show how much of a Starbucks convert I am and a true blue fan. Haha, ever since I went to USA and there’s one down the road where I work now. Doesn’t help that we hardly venture further from THAT road.

Behold the summer frapps…

I tried the Mocha Cookie Crumble with the whipped cream. I don’t usually take whipped cream with my drinks, but since this is chocolate whipped cream, thought it would be quite harmless. (As most would know, I dislike cheesy, buttery and milky food.) It was good. Not too sweet. (Yay! I remember one of the Christmas drinks being overly sweet.) Not too strong. (Unlike the Asian Dolce Latte which has double shots. That drink is quite unique too.) However, it doesn’t seem to make me want to keep getting it. Hmmm…

Anyway, maybe I should try the Red Bean Green Tea next.

Oh oh…and might I announce that they extended the mini card promotion till the end of May! Woohoo! Now I can totally have a shot at getting the card. *beams*