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Music Baton
I got the “Music Baton” from: Nadine

Total Volume of Music In My Computer: 3.18GB
The Last CD I Bought: “Here I Am” by Marion Raven
Song Playing: Nothing playing now…

Five Songs I Listen To A Lot Or That Mean A Lot To Me:

“ずっと” by NewS
“浪花いろは節” by 関ジャニ∞
“大阪レイニーブルース” by 関ジャニ∞
“Break You” by Marion Raven
“Story” by Lene Marlin

5 People Whom I Am Passing The Baton: Perrine, Peiwen, Soffienna, Ling, Annabelle


Taken from Nad’s blog

Layer One: On the Outside

Name: Elisia
Nicknames: Eli, Boss, realme *used for online*
Birthday: 10 April
Birthplace: Singapore
Eye colour: Extremely dark brown
Hair colour: Extremely dark brown
Height: 1.51m
Righty or lefty: Righty
Religion: Christianity but I don’t go to church
Sex: I think you mean gender…female

Layer Two: In the Inside

Your heritage: Chinese
Who do you look like: In primary school, I was told I look like a fellow schoolmate, Melody Foo. In poly, I was told I look like some fella working in Paragon’s Spageddies *whatever the spelling*.
Your weakness: I think I have quite a few but too lazy to think now.
Your fears: ROACHES! Bugs, the dark.
Your perfect pizza: One which has a thin crust, not stuffed crust, lots of toppings minus the ones I don’t like, doesn’t taste too cheese-y.
Goal you’d like to achieve: Short term goal…to decide on university ALREADY.

Layer Three: Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow

Your most over-used phrase on MSN: “Haha”, “HAHAHA”
Your thoughts first waking up: Depending what kinda day is it.
Your best physical feature: God knows what.
Your bedtime: These days it’s 5am.
Your most missed memory: Feeling like I don’t have a care in this world.

Layer Four: Your Pick

Pepsi or Coke: Both?
McDonalds or Burger King: Both again?
Single or Group Dates: Depending who’s the company.
Adidas or Nike: Adidas
Chocolate or Vanilla: Chocolate
Cappuccino or Coffee: Coffee

Layer Five: Do You?

Smoke: Nope
Curse: Yes
Sing: Yes
Think you’ve been in love: Hmmm…yea
Want to get married: Yes
Believe in yourself: Sometimes yes and sometimes no.
Motion sickness: Yes
Think you’re attractive: *laugh until I die*
Think you’re a health freak: Nope
Get along with your parents: Yes
Like thunderstorms: Not really
Play an instrument: Used to but I gave up.

Layer Six: Have You Ever

Smoked: Nope
Done a drug: Nope
Gone to the mall: Yes…I live near one. DUH.
Eaten an entire box of Oreos: Nope…I think I’ll get a sore throat after that.
Eaten sushi: Yes
Been on stage: Yes
Gone skating: Yes
Gone skinny dipping: Nope…don’t want to anyway.
Stolen anything: Maybe when I was little.
Played a game that required removal of clothing: Nope
Been caught ‘doing something’: What?
Been called a tease: Nope
Gotten beat up: Nope…they dare, they DIE.
Shoplifted: Nope

Layer Seven: Getting Older

Age you hope to be married: I don’t know. I guess God knows.
Number and names of children: 2. Haven’t thought of boy names. But girl names, Laurel or Unity.
Describe your dream wedding: I haven’t thought that far ahead.
How do you want to die: Happily knowing that everyone is happy too.
What do you want to be when you grow up: Some slacker…haha…kidding.
What country would you most like to visit: UK (London). Nothing to do with 2012 Olympics. USA, Korea.

Layer Eight: In a Partner

Best eye colour: Natural
Best hair color: Natural
Short or long hair: Short
Height: Well, I’m short so please don’t be like freakin’ tall till I get a neckache.
Best articles of clothing: Aha! I blogged about it! Japanese high school uniform, white shirt or sweater.

Layer Nine: In the Numbers

Number of drugs taken illegally: 0
Number of CDs that you own: I haven’t counted. But lots though.
Number of piercings: 3…2 on the right ear lobe, 1 on the left.
Number of tattoos: 0
Number of times your name has appeared in the newspaper: 0

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