a hundred questions

Something from Ling’s blog. I’ve got nothing better to do lahz…

1. Birthdate? – 10 April 1985

2. Place of birth? – Mount Alvernia Hospital, Singapore

3. Blood type? – O+

4. Height? – 151cm

5. Weight? – 43kg

6. Shoe size? – 4 or 5

7. Work? Study? – Now? Work. Which I prefer? Neither.

8. Childhood nickname? – I’ve been called “Dwarf” as a joke by a family friend. “Little Bullet” by my primary school teacher.

9. Average hours you sleep in a day? – Depends. But should be around 8-10 hours.

10. Time you go to bed? – 2-3am. Sometimes even 5-6am.

11. Any siblings? – Older sis

12. Eyesight – short-sighted, long-sighted or perfect? – Short-sighted

13. What languages do you speak? – English, Mandarin

14. What languages would you like to speak? – Japanese

15. Nickname on Messenger? – – elisia | realme – エリシア – (insert random thoughts/words/quotes/etc)

16. What do you collect? – I don’t know. There’s so much junk around. Hmmm…how about my tamis?

17. Model of handphone you are using? – Samsung X430

18. What is on your shopping list? – Clothes…I don’t really have anything new to wear for Chinese New Year.

19. Favourite t-shirt brand? – No particular favourite T-shirt brand. If the design’s something I like then ok.

20. Favourite cut of jeans? – Bootcut, any cut that doesn’t make my wide hips look too obvious.

21. Favourite fashion designer? – None

22. Favourite clothing label? – Giordano, OP

23. Favourite shoe label? – No particular favourite. As long as the design’s nice and I’m pretty picky when it comes to shoes.

24. Favourite bag label? – None, as long as I like the design it’s ok.

25. Most dominant colour in your wardrobe? – It’s a mixture…really.

26. Most worn-pair of shoes? – Adidas shoes which has peach tea and ice tea stains.

27. Favourite shampoo? – I love Clairol’s Daily Defense…nice strong smell, but it disappeared from the shelves a long time ago.

28. Favourite conditioner? – I guess the current one I’m using?

29. Favourite bath product? – None

30. Favourite facial product? – None

31. Favourite cosmetics? – Brand? Maybelline

32. Favourite art movement? – As in period? Cubism.

33. Favourite artist? – M.C Escher

34. Favourite gallery? – None

35. Favourite cold drink? – I LOVE OOLONG CHA!!!

36. Favourite hot drink? – Hot chocolate

37. Favourite flavour of ice-cream? – Strawberry, Mint

38. Favourite cuisine? – Japanese

39. Favourite sandwich? – Tuna

40. Favourite cake? – Black Forest. I have requested/forced my family to buy that for my 21st birthday. HAHA…

41. Favourite chocolate? – The kind with filling.

42. Favourite fast food? – McDonalds…I’m a traitor.

43. Favourite sushi? – Baked salmon maki from Sushi Tei.

44. Favourite breakfast? – Big Breakfast from McDonalds.

45. Spaghetti – tomato, cream or pesto sauce? – Tomato…pesto’s fine as well.

46. Beef – rare, medium rare, medium, well-done? – Medium

47. Restaurant you frequent most? – Uma Uma Men, Waraku, Crystal Jade

48. Best dining experience? – Can’t think of one.

49. Worst dining experience? – Can’t think of one.

50. Favourite book? – Elizabeth Wurtzel’s “Prozac Nation”

51. Favourite movie? – As long as it’s a chick flick…that’s ok.

52. Favourite artist writer? – ???

53. Favourite actor? – Can’t think now.

54. Favourite actress? – Can’t think now.

55. Favourite record? – So many favourites…all of S.H.E’s.

56. Favourite singer? – Ayumi Hamasaki, Kuraki Mai, Eriko Imai/Elly…

57. Favourite band? – Groups…S.H.E, NewS, Kanjani8, Arashi, MAX, Morning Musume, Berryz Koubou…

58. Favourite lyrics? – NewS’s “Zutto”, Lene Marlin’s “Disguise”…

59. Favourite TV show? – CSI

60. Favourite newspapers? – Nahz…don’t really read them.

61. Favourite magazine? – TONS!!! From English mags to Chinese mags to Japanese mags…

62. Favourite flower? – Peach coloured roses. Lilies (nice flowers but awfully strong scent).

63. Favourite animal? Dogs

64. Favourite country? Japan

65. Favourite street (in your country)? No favourite. I would like to say the place I stay, but recently the mall is often crowded with people and I can’t stand it.

66. Favourite street (overseas)? – No favourite.

67. Favourite sport? – Don’t really like sports. Sports to watch, ok. Me play sports, not ok.

68. Scariest movie? – All horror films are scary. And I don’t watch horror films.

69. Funniest movie? – No movie in particular. “Whole Ten Yards” was funny coz the fella couldn’t pronounce “fuck” properly and it came out as “fook”.

70. Favourite leisure activity? – Use the computer. For downloading stuff, playing games, whatever.

71. Favourite public transport? – Taxi…but no money, so forced to take the bus or mrt instead.

72. Favourite weather? – Sunny

73. Dream honeymoon destination? – No idea.

74. Computer you use? – HP

75. Wallpaper on your computer? – Hebe from S.H.E

76. Screen saver on your computer? – The Perfect Man

77. How many hours on the internet a day? – As long as I like/can use.

78. Favourite blog? – Peiwen’s

79. Favourite news site? – Don’t surf news sites. But sometimes check out Yahoo Japan News for reports on Johnny’s boys.

80. Favourite site? – My blog…haha…

81. First pet? – Some fish.

82. Favourite cartoon from childhood? – Snoopy

83. Favourite toy from childhood? – A toy monkey which is still sitting on my bed.

84. What makes you smile? – A lot of things.

85. What makes you cry? – A lot of things. Depending what…

86. Which celebrity would you like to be? no one? – No one.

87. What colour would you be if you are a crayon? – Yellow or pink.

88. If you can go back in time, which period would you want to be in? – Present

89. If you can have your own business, what would you venture into? – Slacking…no such thing right?

90. What TV program would you like to go on? – None

91. How satisfied are you with your current situation? – Neither satisfied or dissatisfied.

92. What would you rather be doing if you have a choice? – Just slack and do the things I like all day.

93. The most important thing that has happened in your life? – I don’t know.

94. What do you think you’ll be doing 5 years down the road? – Working

95. Most desired now? – Money

96. Biggest worry now? – Why am I not studying for SAT?

97. Most unforgettable incident? – Something that happened in poly.

98. New year resolution? – I don’t make resolutions coz I’m bound to break them.

99. Your motto in life? – Keep smiling.

100. Who do you want to answer “100 Things About Me”? – Anybody who wants to…

And something for Ling coz I never manage to catch her on MSN

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