Have been waiting so long for the Econs mid-term grades to be out. Finally, I receive an email from my TA that they are up on Compass.

Me: AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! My Econs mid-term grades are out!
Per: omgomg
Me: omg… *breathes*
Me: *crosses fingers* I go check now.
Per: 加油!
Me: Logging in…

While typing in my id and password…”AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.” Click on ‘Econs’ and ‘My Grades’…*covers eyes and peeks through them* “何これ?!” *stares at the score*


Me: Is that good or bad?
Per: That’s good isn’t it? That’s…like 4/5. *lol*
Per: 80 mah.
Me: oei oei OEIIIIII *must follow Yoko* :angry: What’s the letter score?
Per: What letter score?
Me: Whether A or B or what? I think it’s B…

In another conversation window…

Me: Wait ar…I’m checking my Econs mid-term grades.
Jiemin: *lol* Ok.
Me: 緊張します… *breathes*
Jiemin: *lol* Relax.
Me: 79.5/100
Jiemin: Whoa. Good eh.
Me: oei oei OEIIIIII *must follow Yoko* :angry: What’s the letter score?
Me: Cannot just see marks, must see the letter score.
Jiemin: *lol*

Yet another conversation window…

Me: econsmidtermgradesareoutoutoutoutout… *breathes*
Me: I got 79.5/100.
Me: oei oei OEIIIIII *must follow Yoko* :angry: What’s the letter score?
Kang Jie: Ok, I go check. Where to check?
Me: Compass duh.
Kang Jie: I don’t have leh.
Me: oei oei OEIIIIII :angry: What’s the max score for each question?
Kang Jie: I don’t know. I don’t see anything.
Me: Anyway, my TA said they dropped the score for the question you did worst on.
Kang Jie: Shit man. My TA sucks lah. I can’t see my score. He hasn’t uploaded yet.
Kang Jie: 79.5 is A right?
Me: Don’t know…that’s what I want to know.
*after some cutting and pasting of the email from my TA*
Kang Jie: But you get 79.5 above average and very close to 84.
Me: やっぱり…it’s still 4.5 marks away from 84. T_T

This is what happens when you have too many smart asses around you. You start to compare and compare and compare and compare and compare and compare…and you’re never gonna be good.

So, is 79.5/100 good or not? :angry:

One thought on “econs

  1. 79.5/100 is good!

    Yes, comparing with one another will just compel you to compare, not out performing one another. In fact, you may be too overwhelmed with competition, which is very unhealthy.

    You can give urself a pat on your back for that. I think such scores will encourage and motivate you to do well. All in all, as long as you are close (better still above average), you should feel glad. Don’t be obsessed with the highest score attained.

    After all, you’re there for education, not some score attaining competition. =) Work hard!

    elisia says: I know in my heart that that score in my standard is ok, but when I think about what the others are getting, I pale in comparison. By the way, that score is a B I think.

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