otsukare sama desu!

Saturday was the big day. J-Net Fashion Show 2007. After days/weeks of practising to perfect our walk down the runway, it was time to strut our stuff.

I was in the lolita segment (2 outfits) and modern yukata segment. It was crazy I tell you. Jennifer kindly gave up her spot as first lolita to strut her stuff coz I had trouble changing on time for the second outfit during the rehearsal. Thanks Jennifer! My first outfit was my own punk lolita outfit. The minute I got off the stage and hit the backstage, I was stripping before I even reached the changing area. Don’t worry, I am wearing stuff underneath! No free show ok… To ensure a quicker change, I was already wearing 2 pairs of socks. The white pair under the black paid. Quickly got into the next outfit – pink heart sweet lolita outfit. Daria is the other heart girl – blue heart sweet lolita outfit. Both heart outfits belong to Jenny. Thanks Jenny!

After the end of the lolita segment, I had to rush backstage to change into the yukata for the modern yukata segment. Thank God I remembered how to tie the obi so it was quite a fast change. So, what makes us modern yukata group different from the traditional yukata group? Denise had her black lolita petticoat under to poof up. Anita wore leggings and used a belt instead of the obi. I wore my rainbow socks and had my sleeves tied up. Aya had some cute accessories hanging from her obi. We all adjusted the length of the yukata to be much shorter (except for Aya).

Modern yukata was good! No major mistakes. Only minor thing was Denise and Aya forgot to remove their props from the stage. Yepz, each of us did a little summer activity. Sam had an uchiwa. Denise had this sparkly light thingy. Anita popped a party popper. Jason had a soccer ball. I blew bubbles (miserable 2 bubbles coz I was trying not to drip the soap). Aya had her lookalike props for catching goldfish.

Other highlights of the show included the para para segment with our own Korikki and Hinoi Team. Our very own doraemon and Hardo Gay. “Blue kitty cat, FUUUUUUUUUU~~~” Oh, and a superb Soran Bushi performance by the J-Net officers.

Some photos. Not many since my digicam batteries decided to be a bitch and die on me. I have ordered 2 new ones from Panasonic. I hope they reach before Winter break. Photos from Koon Seng and some koped from Facebook. I don’t have an up-front photo of me in the heart outfit coz I had to change into the yukata the minute I stepped off the stage.

Thanks to my lovely supporters, Koon Seng, Jun Ming, and D Quek (I suppose he came to support his other friends too). Thanks to Penn aka DA stripper, who ensured all those who needed to strip and change into their other outfits, managed to do so effortlessly.

Note to self: Must go hunt in Japan for the yukata belt clip thingy and the hard piece to make sure the obi does not crease. Next year, I should bring my lolita dress and yukata over.

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