the three things

Coz Sis tagged me and “forced” me to do this…

Three Things You Want To Do Before You Die:
1) Get married and have kids
2) Maybe live in Japan for awhile?
3) Go to a NewS concert…make that NewS, AAA, and OLIVIA concerts. :laugh:

YA! I know Sis wants to see me put “marry Massu”, but I’m going to answer this realistically.

Three Names You Go By:
1) Elisia
2) Boss (known to 7ners)
3) Mei (known to family members)

Three Screen Names You Have Had:
1) realme
2) Mrs Masuda
3) darealme

Three Physical Things You Like About Yourself:
1) I don’t know.
2) I don’t know.
3) I don’t know.

Three Parts Of Your Heritage:
1) Hainanese
2) Cantonese
3) Hokkien

And add one more…Peranakan.

Three Things That Scare You:
1) cockroaches (and all other creepy crawlies)
2) the dark
3) people

Three Of Your Everyday Essentials:
1) mp3 player (with my headphones)
2) money
3) common sense

Three Things You Are Wearing Right Now:
1) tee
2) moo moo pyjama pants (from Aeropostale! :smile:)
3) glasses

Three Of Your Favorite Bands/Musical Artists:
1) NewS
2) AAA

Three Of Your Favorite Songs: (currently)
1) OLIVIA inspi’ REIRA (TRAPNEST) – Shadow Of Love
2) Buono! – ホントのじぶん
3) 新垣結衣 – Heavenly Days

Three Things You Want In A Relationship:
1) love
2) trust
3) understanding

Three Physical Things About The Preferred Sex That Appeal To You:
1) smile
2) I don’t know.
3) I don’t know.

Three Of Your Favorite Hobbies:
1) sleeping
2) shopping
3) fangirling

Can I add one more please? Webdesigning…although I feel I have little flair for design. 

Three Things You Want To Do Really Badly Right Now:
1) sleep?
2) hug someone
3) lose weight

Three Careers You’re Considering/You’ve Considered:
1) teacher
2) translator
3) freelance webdesigner

Three Places You Want To Go On Vacation:
1) Japan
2) Korea
3) Taiwan

Three Kid’s Names You Like:
1) Erika
2) Laurel
3) Charissa

Three Ways That You Are Stereotypically A Girl:
1) I love pink!
2) I can squeal.
3) I love JE boys.

Three Ways That You Are Stereotypically A Boy:
1) I can be chor lor if I want to.
2) I can eat a lot if I want to. (Currently trying to diet…)
3) I don’t know.

Three People You Tag:
1) Aiyah, whoever who wants to do it just do it lahz.
2) See above.
3) See first answer.

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