give mario a beer

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I just did the craziest thing. I cleared 7000+ credits. Coz I downgraded my meal plan so from next week onwards, my cafe credits are 1500 per week. To save my present credits from being forfeited for nothing, Koon Seng said I should clear it all. He offered to keep some stuff in his fridge. Thanks~~~

Clearing 7000+ credits is crazy!

I got:

  1. 2 bottles of coke
  2. 4 bottles of vanilla soy milk
  3. 4 bottles of chocolate soy milk
  4. 2 bottles of apple juice
  5. 6 bottles of V8 drink
  6. 2 cups of raisin bran
  7. 2 cups of apple jacks
  8. a packet of potato chips

Still had credits to spare for Koon Seng and Kang Jie to get some stuff.



I finally got my barcrawl tee~~~ LAST semester’s barcrawl tee to be exact. First, Denise said she had to check out with Kaz for my tee. Then, she forgot to bring it to the meeting. So yea…I only got it at this semester’s AGM.

I didn’t exactly go the barcrawl coz I had an exam that night and the next day, but got the tee anyway. I wouldn’t say that the tee is as nice as previous ones, but it’s still cute. How can Mario not be cute? By the way, the tee is HUGE (even though it’s a size S).

And I just realised I haven’t blogged about what I’m taking this semester and how’s it so far. I’m just L.A.Z.Y. :laugh:

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