it snowed and snowed

Everyone was hoping that school would be cancelled. Haha, fat hope.

It started snowing pretty heavily last afternoon/evening. There was a snow storm warning. We were told to expect at least 10 inches of snow. Yepz, there really was A LOT of snow. Thanks to the guys who stayed up all night shovelling snow off the sidewalks. They really made life a lot easier especially when I had to walk all the way to the engineering side today.

I love snow, but not when I have to walk from Transportation Building to David Kinley Hall in record time. It’s no longer a pretty winter wonderland when I can’t walk at my fastest speed and have to take extra 5 minutes to make my way to class. It’s already annoying on normal days that sometimes I feel my body wanting to move along faster, but my legs are not cooperating.

Anyway, just to let you guys see the amount of snow…

Yea, that’s the walkway up to the main door of my dorm.

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