the stolen name plate

I have started to lock my door even when stepping out of my room for 5 minutes. I used to do that, but after awhile I figured it was ok to leave it unlocked if I’m just going to the loo. Well, not anymore.

Some idiot stole my name plate thingy on my door. Not the Simpsons one from Fall 2007. It’s the one with a random fact of a random country for Spring 2008. It’s not even some fancy thing, just a printed piece of paper decorated by Liz, my RA (resident advisor).

I didn’t even realise it was missing until going back to my room after my bath. Liz came to ask if I knew what happened to it. That was when I saw the leftover bits of blu-tack (ermz, yellow-tack in this case). She said I’m not the only one. Well, maybe the idiot just hated USA so much coz my featured country was USA.

Anyway, I figured that if such a thing can happen, someone could very well enter my room without permission too. Hmmm…damn the idiot who stole it. I wanted to collect all these cute name plate thingies for four years (I’m staying in the same room next academic year too). 🙁

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