cui me

[edited @ 12.18pm]
I emailed my Anthropology and EALC135 TAs for my mid-term grade. The latter said I got 95/100 which is an A.

I quote deary “Anything below full marks means fail.”

And so, I failed… No, he’s not looking down on me. I’m just having high standards of myself coz I die die also must get the best GPA possible to secure my spot in Advertising.

GPA4.0~~~ (is just a dream).

This is me after a quiz…

You could practically see the huge word “CUI” hanging above my head. All coz I know I will get 7/10 for the quiz.

I’m starting to have rather high expectations of myself…

4 thoughts on “cui me

  1. hey u’re overseas and u’re studying at ur parent’s expenses.
    so u need to have high expectations of urself. i’m glad u have that drive boss.

    congrats on e great results. GPA 4.0 definitely gettable if u go on at this rate.

    all the best!
    car wise i’m jealous ur dear drive but i’m blessed to have my biker boy whose got both bike and car license no more P plate liao. now aren’t we spoilt lil girls being driven ard? hehehe


    boss says: Hmmm…hard to get GPA4.0, but I’m aiming for something like 3.5 or higher. Haha…ya, sometimes Koon Seng says he’s spoiling me. *lol*

  2. actually i not jealous he drive. i jealous he got car.

    boss says: Cars here are definitely cheaper. That’s why.

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