cute boy’s birthday

I am supposed to watch a dvd for EALC 135, but the damn dvd doesn’t want to work on Maru-chan. So, I guess I’ll blog instead.

Last night, we celebrated deary’s birthday. While he was having his exam, I went to get a cake. Uh oh…the only small-sized cakes left were Strawberry Cheesecake and Strawberry. Although Strawberry looks a little weird for a guy coz it’s all pink, but I guess it’s just too bad? Haha, Kang Jie said it’s special coz I chose it and I like pink. Ermz…ok…whatever…

Deary finished his exam early and was waiting for Jordan to finish so he called me. I told Kang Jie to keep quiet, but just nice Thung Han came into the room. I was so afraid that deary heard the door close, so I had to lie. Omg…it was such a pain to lie. I’m like the greatest liar or something. I lied that I was walking around my dorm taking photos for the SSA website and all the while I was in the secret room (PAR Carr lounge). You should have seen my face. I was making all these weird faces while lying.

Well, the plan was supposed to be Jordan and him come over to the secret room after their exam. I guess I didn’t give clear instructions coz they both went back to their rooms. I know that once deary goes back to his room, he won’t want to come out again. So, Jordan calls me and goes what next. I’m like “nooooooo, you can’t let him go back into his room. He won’t want to come out anymore. Please call him and drag him out again.”

I never knew Jordan was a great liar. The boy has certainly learnt well, suddenly become less blur and can think faster now. He lied that something fell off his car and he needed deary to come down to look at it. Sweet. That should do the trick.


Happy 23rd~~~ Yea, we’re old…

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