6 months and on

This is a late post. 15 August 2008. Our half a year together. For the curious, we got together on 15 February 2008. 🙂

I’m not sure, but maybe Deary was dying to tell me the secret. Just like I’m ALWAYS dying to tell him some things although I plan to keep it a secret for the moment and then I finally can’t stand it and I tell. :laugh: So, the BIG SECRET was he got tickets to go on the Singapore Flyer. Although it seems like a novelty and I know better than to spend on such things, deep inside I am up for such novelties. I thought I’ll just be a so-called swakoo Singaporean and probably have a go at it yonks later. Yea, probably when this thing is no longer a novelty and they decide to lower the price…like the zoo? Haha.

Well, as Pwen said, it’s no big deal. All you see are buildings. BUT, just having the thought of seeing almost the whole of Singapore, the whole of a country at one go, now isn’t that cool? The interior was kinda cool, clean and glassy looking. If not for this Indian family, the whole experience would have been better even if we were sharing the capsule with other people. They were really noisy. Spoiled the whole calm feeling and taking in what you see.

Thank God I wasn’t insistent on eating elsewhere this time when Deary said he wanted to eat at Carl’s Jr. I ordered a Portebello Mushroom burger set which cost me $11.80. Yea, the burgers don’t come cheap, but the difference is you’re paying a premium price for a premium sized burger with a premium quality and taste. It tasted pretty much like BK’s Mushroom Swiss burger except that it was WAY better than the BK burger. BK’s burgers used to be good coz their patties were a lot juicier than other fast food chains, but the standard has dropped through the years. These days, my Mushroom Swiss burger patty seems to be dry and a little chao ta at the edges. 🙁

Our date was rather short, but I enjoyed every moment of it. Thanks Deary for the wonderful surprise. :heart:

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