fall 2008 semester

Here I am sitting in front of Maru-chan, furiously typing away while stopping at random moments to feed myself some cereal. Yes, cereal is my lunch as I am aiming to lose a bit of weight. So, what happened after I got on the plane back to USA? Did I drop off the face of this Earth? Well, no. I was just trying to get my life back in order. It really feels I’m living 2 lives now. One is when I’m in USA and studying for the sake of a good GPA, and the other is when I’m back at home (Singapore) and lazing about.

As most of you already know, I moved out of Evans Hall and into a graduate hall – Sherman Hall. Oh God, was I disappointed when I opened my room door for the first time. It’s like a prison cell compared to Evans 420, which used to be my spacious lot. My bed is now elevated, like it was in Deary’s ex-dorm room. No help being a short person since I have trouble climbing onto the bed. I have a fridge and microwave now, but that doesn’t console me much since my table is a freakin’ small thing which obviously cannot house both Maru-chan and my printer on its surface. I have to put the printer under the table which is quite a hassle. Well, I guess you win some and you lose some. It’s like a trade-off, no dorm food for a smaller room.

Deary’s apartment is better, but it has its cons. The lighting is BAD. If you want to live with the original lighting, you might as well become a mole. The stupid carbon monoxide alarm is faulty? It goes off after someone has a long and hot bath. Deary bought another alarm and tested it in the house and it was fine. Anyway, I wish I was staying in Daniels Hall coz then I’ll be closer to Deary. Better still, I’m waiting to see what Jordan and Thung Han says about their apartment coz Jordan decided to move out and his room is now vacant.

I spent the last few days getting things done. Buying my textbooks, rearranging my timetable, settling bank stuff etc. I couldn’t get into ECON103, but went for the lecture anyway. Yesterday, I got lucky when someone dropped it, but the discussion slot is at 8am. Why am I plagued with 8am classes EVERY semester? Deary says he doesn’t mind exchanging his discussion slot with me, but that means I’ll have Econs discussion at 10am at Armory. I have class at 11am at Gregory Hall. That gives me only 10 minutes to walk the distance.

Japanese class has started too. We have begun learning hiragana. I’m going to be pretty bored for a few weeks since I already know hiragana and a bit of katakana. Japanese class is a lot stricter than when I learnt the language in TP. Good, coz I really want to learn the language and be able to read and speak it fluently. Class is everyday for 50 minutes and my teacher is Numata sensei.

Other than Macroecons and Japanese, I’m taking EALC305 – Japanese Literature I, ATMS100 – Meteorology, MATH161 – Statistics (same as STAT100).

Ok, more later. I need to go get one more textbook from the bookshop.

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