momo monsters eat lamb chops

It all began with me asking deary which state has the abbreviation ‘MO’. Missouri right? Deary was trying to be funny; he said “momo”. He then asked me, “Momo is something right?” I said, “Yea, peach.” I told him momo reminded me of Momo monsters and our Primary school penmanship exercises. I think it was in Primary 2 that Momo monsters made their debut…

“Momo monsters eat lamb chops, eat lamb chops, eat lamb chops. Momo monsters drink hot tea, drink hot tea, drink hot tea.” :woot: It never fails to crack me up.

We were trying to recall the animal for each level. Primary 1 was a squirrel, Primary 2 was a mouse, Primary 5 was a bird…I couldn’t really recall the rest. Thus, the search on the internet began and I found this. OMG…that is SO DAMN OLD SCHOOL! Ermz, I don’t think Sis used that textbook. I remember hers had an awful black and white picture on the cover with a striped background. The pages of her textbook felt like cheap paper (like how cheap toilet paper feels and smells). Using correction fluid (aka liquid paper) was forbidden then and she had to use an ink eraser to erase mistakes which would probably take off the layers of fiber in the paper and make a hole. Oh, and the characters in her book were Mr Wolly and Mr Yaki! :woot:

Anyway, we noticed the textbook in the picture was by CDIS (Curriculum Development Institute of Singapore). That certainly brought back memories. Remember the time when we watched Science programs by CDIS? Back then, the teacher would bring in VHS tapes which were probably watched and rewound a million times, so the sound would be a bit off. Oh, and that oh-so-familiar tune when the CDIS logo appeared at the beginning. I remember some of the CDIS programs were shown on certain Saturdays too.

I wonder which year they stopped using PETS…

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