the disney dream

I went to the informational session and was disappointed to learn that the Disney College Program is not a summer internship program, but a semester program. The catch is I may or may not earn college credit, which means I may end up having to take one more semester (and become a super senior) or cram everything and still graduate on time.

The program sounds really good though it seems to be more suited for students who have not stepped out into the working world. The jobs are mostly lower level stuff like working in restaurants/snack counters, ushers for rides, custodians, wardrobe unit staff etc. But, they say it opens doors to other higher level jobs within Disney or elsewhere. How? You either work your way up in Disney or companies elsewhere would recognise that you have worked with a famous brand…sort of like riding on Disney’s fame.

Still, it sounds really really good. How cool is it to be known to work for Disney? So COOL right? :laugh: Oh and the perks, free admission for all rides plus discounts for other related stuff.

On the other hand, if I forget about this, I can consider an exchange program.

Choices. Choices. Maybe I should go “whine” to people and see what they say…heehee…

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