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So, I had a presentation on fashion and clothing for MS320: Popular Culture class which partly featured lolita fashion. For that, I wore a BTSSB Pink JSK. The first thing friends asked was what was the occasion. Do I need a reason to dress lolita? I mean, I’ve built up a wardrobe of lolita dresses, isn’t it high time I wore them?

I was kind of worried this morning when I left home coz it started to drizzle. Might I remind everyone that umbrellas do not work here. The wind is too strong and more often than not, you’ll end up with an upturned brolly. I managed to get to class dry, but 10 minutes late.

It took me 3 hours before I realised why I was getting a blister on one foot and not the other. The buckle was adjusted tighter for that foot. :sweat:

I cannot imagine how those girls tahan wearing lolita in Singapore. Today was about 16-21 degrees Celsius and I almost died. It was so hot in the classrooms. Was trying hard not to perspire, but I did. Luckily I did not wear the long-sleeved dress.

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