hate the B

Forgot to report on my grades in the previous post.

ADV410 – A
ADV411 – B
JAPN202 – A+
JOUR200 – A
MS320 – A

Total GPA = 3.82
Cumulative GPA = 3.73

I HATE THE B. I thought the extra credit would have helped, but it turned out that I had been mistaken. Extra credit is 5 points to the exam and not 5% to the overall grade. 🙁 Our (pain in the ass) project got A-.

Deary says my cumulative GPA earns me magna cum laude. Whatever that is. Sounds like the ice-cream…Magnum. HAHAHA. Haiz…still far from the dream GPA 4.0.

And maybe I should try to be a James Scholar afterall. Then I can get an extra tassel on my gown when I graduate and I don’t have to tag the photo as “chao mugger, chao mugger, not chao mugger, chao mugger.” (I’m the one who’s tagged “not chao mugger“) Why? Coz the rest are all scholars. They will surely get some honors thingy or Bronze tablet or some other shit. No, no…I’m not a chao mugger. Really. *shakes head*

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