the marketing course was a joke

I will try to blog more often, but for now, here are last semester’s grades.

ADV481 – A+H
BADM320 – B-
JAPN203 – A
MS326 – A

Total GPA = 3.71
Cumulative GPA = 3.72

The marketing course was a joke. It is the only reason that my GPA has gone down. Both semester and cumulative GPA. If anyone is thinking of taking it, don’t.

On a happier note, I did surprisingly well for advertising research. The “H” indicates that I took it for James Scholar credit. Yupz, I enrolled in the James Scholar Honors program. I can hear someone going “finally~~~” It was also the cause of my worries (the James Scholar program, not ADV481).  I was so worried that I’ll be dropped from the program since I knew I was going to get a B for BADM320 and I had not been doing too well on the ADV481 exams.

It was a tough time for ADV481 since I was doing a group project all by myself for the James Scholar credit. Yes, I surveyed more than 80 people myself. I figured out the data myself (ok, with the help of the professor). In short, what could have been 4-5 brains on one project, I only had one brain – my brain – to work on it. Of course the good part about it was that I didn’t need to deal with crappy group mates and I could structure everything the way I wanted it to be.

Now, I worry for JAPN204. Things are getting harder and I found myself having trouble making sentences for 2 new Japanese terms today. There is more weightage on daily participation now since homework is not graded and does not contribute to the total percentage. Which simply means less easy stuff to make up my final grade. To an extent, this is good coz it forces us to actually understand and use the language. It’s like taking off the trainer wheels on your bicycle so that you don’t rely on them too much and actually learn how to cycle. The bad side to it is…I can’t guarantee that I can keep getting an A. Which is a worrying thing coz I need to keep my semester GPA at 3.5 and above to remain in the James Scholar program.

I checked out with the College of Media office, I’ll get my cord no matter whether I was enrolled in the James Scholar program from freshman year or whichever year. I really want that cord. To other people it may be nothing, but to me it means everything. I have never been the smartest kid with the ton of awards. This cord will represent some sort of academic achievement and recognition, something which I never really had.

One thought on “the marketing course was a joke

  1. there is still another academic recognition.. honors at graduation.. unfortunately, college of media does not set the GPA for honors, high honors and highest honors beforehand.. based on percentage..

    dear says: I think if I even get something, I’ll be happy enough.

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