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It’s here! It’s here! The kyaa-ing post for Brothers Conflict. So the story goes where main character, Ema goes to live in a mansion with her 13 step-brothers after her father remarries. All of her step-brothers develop feelings for her (I think it’s coz they are just surrounded by guys all the time and suddenly a female enters in the picture!) The anime is adapted from the otome game, but I honestly think such anime exist for girls to kyaa over hot bishounen.

The brothers in their birth order:
1: Masaomi Asahina — Paediatrician who supposedly cannot stand the sight of blood. He is closest to youngest brother, Wataru. Father figure of the Asahina household.
2: Ukyo Asahina — Lawyer and mother figure of the Asahina household. He cooks for the family.
3: Kaname Asahina — Monk? I wonder if he’s really a monk or a host? Has a casanova attitude.
4: Hikaru Asahina — Novelist and fashionista. Into cross-dressing. He is rather observant and knows that his brothers have romantic feelings toward their step-sister.
5: Tsubaki Asahina — Seiyuu. Eldest triplet; has an identical twin and a fraternal twin.
6: Azusa Asahina — Seiyuu, like his identical twin brother Tsubaki.
7: Natsume Asahina — Works in a game company. Lives apart from his brothers. He is the fraternal twin to Tsubaki and Azusa. Has two cats named after his triplet brothers.
8: Louis Asahina — Hairstylist. He is an adopted son. He is the only brother who can communicate with Ema’s pet squirrel, Juli.
9: Subaru Asahina — College sophomore who is the most athletic of his brothers. On the basketball team. Closest to Natsume? Or rather Natsume acts like his strict manager.
10: Iori Asahina — High school senior with a prince-like behaviour. Loves flowers and knows the meaning of them.
11: Yusuke Asahina — High school junior (a delinquent) and Ema’s classmate. Has a crush on Ema even before he finds out she is his step-sister.
12: Fuuto Asahina — Famous pop idol.
13: Wataru Asahina — 10-year-old kid.

This is where I rank the brothers according to their attractiveness:

Azusa Asahina
There’s something strangely attractive about this dude. He’s quiet, sensible and so studious-looking with his specs. Or maybe I’m just biased coz I’m an introvert who likes guys that have brains.

Natsume Asahina
This is where I struggled coz Natsume is a smoker and I dislike smoking. But he is independent and financially stable which is attractive to most women.

Tsubaki Asahina
While he’s the most playful of the triplets, Tsubaki is also very sweet and seems fun to be around with.

Masaomi Asahina
Two words: husband material. He can run a household and is good with kids. Has a mild temperament and characteristics of a loving spouse and parent.

Ukyo Asahina
Not the most good looking, but he seems to be capable of being a loving partner. Plus he’s a great cook so what’s not to like?

Fuuto Asahina
Has a naughty personality but I guess it’s cool to date a pop idol?

Kaname Asahina
Not too good with casanovas since they seem to flirt with other girls all the time and you can never be too sure of whether they have a roving eye to match. But this dude is just too hot!

Yusuke Asahina
Haha, kind of feel he’s a normal good-looking dude. That’s all.

Subaru Asahina
He seems to be a little socially awkward, but can be rather sweet. Hmmm…but sports and me don’t go together. *shrugs*

Iori Asahina
A bit too quiet for my liking but at least he’s charming.

Louis Asahina
Seems kinda feminine but he’ll be able to make me pretty.

Hikaru Asahina
Sorry, cross-dressers are totally out for me. This dude is freaking observant to the point that it gets rather creepy.

Wataru Asahina
Dude’s just a kid.


My favourite (and absolutely hilarious) scenes:

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