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Regular Facebook users should have noticed by now the ads for this detox…or teatox programme called SkinnyMint.

Detox has been on my mind for some time now. Ever since I started work, I’ve been battling a constipation problem. I also had a persistent pimple problem on my back. I figured what I really needed was a good detox. My mother-in-law had recommended some Chinese herbal pills which worked, but she said it wasn’t good to take them regularly, so I had to find an alternative. When I finally stopped work, I vowed to drink more water to flush out the toxins. It worked…sort of. The pimple problem on my back is more or less gone, but I can’t help but feel like I still need a good detox.

I must say that I’m rather “cautious” about such programmes because I’m afraid that the chemicals used in the product produce bad side effects. So, I read the website carefully. Seems like the teas are made from natural herbs/ingredients.

Testimonials from other users can only do so much to persuade me. First, some people are paid/sponsored to write reviews. Second, even if these people are not paid/sponsored, most of them have good figures to begin with. That was until I saw a testimonial from someone like me…who neither exercises regularly nor maintains a strict diet. Ok, now I’m bought into this.

The programme seems easy to follow. No drastic changes to my current lifestyle. One Morning Boost teabag every morning and one Night Cleanse teabag every other night.

So here goes nothing…

The Morning Boost tea has a rather fruity scent. Thought it would have a strong berry taste like the Lipton Forest Fruit tea, but it surprisingly tastes quite mild. I don’t put sugar in my teas as I prefer the original taste of the herbs. I have cultivated the habit to drink sugarless tea after one too many encounters of drink stall aunties/uncles putting far too much sugar despite ordering teh o siu dai. Since I can’t control how much sugar they put in my teh o and I can’t tahan super sweet tea, I’ll rather have no sugar in my tea at all. The only exception is when I drink lemon tea, the sour/bitter taste is just too much and that’s when I put a little honey to improve the taste.

My only little complaint is that the string for the teabag is a tad too short. It keeps slipping into the mug when I top up the hot water. To prevent that, I like to twirl it round the mug handle. But even that is a little difficult with this teabag. Hmmm…

Other thoughts: I’m still skeptical on the losing weight part but if I do, that’ll be a bonus. Right now, I just want to effectively flush out the toxins in my body.

PS: Sorry, no tummy photos yet as it’s beyond my level of comfort to share that much. Just know that I DO HAVE a pooh bear stomach. Haha.

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