KOKOkim kurage hime no yuutsu

I have a whole list of other (overdued) stuff to blog about but I just have to blog about this. XD

Model Kimura Yuu is hailed the queen of fairy kei and she has her own line of clothing called KOKOkim. Fairy kei has existed as a genre of Japanese fashion for some time now but I never quite felt a connection to it. I love pastel colours but I could never see myself wearing poofy petticoats, cutesy sneakers and casual tees with somewhat loud prints. A little ironic isn’t it since I am into lolita fashion which has poofy panniers.

Well, that was how I thought about fairy kei until now. Over some time, fairy kei has slowly seeped into lolita fashion and the line between the two genres have sort of blurred. There are now fairy kei pieces that can be accepted as sweet lolita pieces albeit a little more casual in style.

What caught my eye was this particular KOKOkim piece. I follow Yuu’s LINE account where she posts updates frequently. She posted this picture of herself wearing a gorgeous dress back in mid-July. I knew for sure that it was from her clothing line, but could not find the print on sale on the website.

(Yes, like I said before, I’ve recently come to love and been scouting for high-waist dresses since I got pregnant.)

Just this month, it was finally announced for sale on the website! The print is called ~人魚姫の憂鬱~ (~Kurage Hime no Yuutsu~) which means ‘the melancholic jellyfish princess’. The dress comes in three colourways: pink, blue and white. I decided that I preferred the OP over the JSK. Although the print is a lot more obvious on the blue colourway, I felt I preferred the pink colourway a little more.

Photo credit: KOKOkim

I also caught sight of a pair of tights on the website that would go very well with the OP.

Photo credit: KOKOkim

Oh, but the prices are way too high! I mean, what do you expect? This is buraando. T_T

After so many days of stalking the website, the M size pink OP is finally sold out. Just as well. I cannot see myself forking out ~$300 for the dress. I have tons of buraando lolita pieces in my wardrobe, some of which are rare pieces which I forked out an arm and a leg for, but this…my feel for this dress is just ok. Not really something I would die to have. And so, I have to let it go…

(I’m quite sure I can find similar tights on Taobao at a fraction of the cost. Just need to scout around more.)

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