flowers are not frivolous

It’s bad enough that there are people who think fresh cut flowers are costly, they’re also seen as frivolous. They’re wrong, of course, on both counts. Fresh flowers serve a purpose far beyond aesthetics. They can brighten up rooms, uplift your mood and they can even purify the air in your house. Some flowers also have healing properties, so you can also up cycle bouquets into beauty and wellness products if you’re the crafty type. As for being costly, well, I found a flower delivery in Singapore offering cheap yet stylish bouquets. It’s A Better Florist!

As you can tell from their brand, they strive to offer better products and services to their customers and I think they’ve succeeded. Having the fastest service already makes them among the best flower delivery in Singapore and best florist in Singapore. Imagine getting your order just 90 minutes after checkout. Impressive, right? But for me, the main reason why I keep coming back to them is their simple and fuss-free philosophy. This doesn’t mean their products look cheap, it’s actually the opposite. Just look at these signature bouquets from their flower selection.

A Better Florist’s minimal and straightforward visuals translate to the arrangement and packaging of their products, as if telling the naysayers: flowers are not frivolous, they can be practical and economical. This makes them the best florist in Singapore, in my opinion. In keeping with their practical theme, they even include flower care instructions on their products so we can enjoy the freshness and scent of the flower for a longer period.

If you check out their roster of bouquets and baskets, you’ll notice each one is designed to suit a variety of occasions, from anniversaries to birthdays and national holidays. You can send get well soon hampers and fruit basket delivery to sick friends or colleagues, wreaths for grieving loved ones or  baby baskets for new moms. Their flower delivery in Singapore can also cater to business and corporations looking for flower arrangements for events or grand opening flowers.

If you’re in Hong Kong, Dubai or Abu Dhabi, then I’ve got good news! A Better Florist has recently started Hong Kong flower delivery and Abu Dhabi & Dubai flower delivery to send positive vibes to a wider audience. They’re succeeding in those cities, too, being tagged as best flower delivery in Hong Kong, best florist in Hong Kong  and best florist in Abu Dhabi and Dubai. Even if you’re not a flower aficionado, those achievements speak of their impressive products and services. Prove those fastidious flower critics wrong and try out A Better Florist’s unpretentious blooms!

very beauty

After much thought, I have created a new blog for product reviews and advertorials. Felt strange to have them on this blog as the entries do not gel with the feel here. This is a personal blog where I share my thoughts and emotions on issues, and it will be kept that way. I will not remove any previous product review entries as I have submitted the urls to the respective parent review sites so I really don’t want to mess anything. To read future product reviews and fashion/beauty musings, please head to VERY BEAUTY. (Yes, I have this thing going on about naming my sites after song titles.)

SkinnyMint teatox programme

Tadaa! I’ve completed the 28-day SkinnyMint teatox programme.

There are tons of testimonials on the website but before you get bought into it, you must know that the product works differently for different people. Do not treat this like some miracle slimming medicine. As stated on the website, you still need regular exercise and good sleeping/eating habits.

My experience with the product:

Did you lose weight?
I think I did lose a little weight. No drastic changes, pooh bear stomach is still there…slightly flatter perhaps? I don’t have a weighing scale at home so I can’t be too sure, but I do know by feel when I wear different pairs of shorts. To be fair, I also did pick up jogging again from no exercise at all. Only jogged a few days (can count on one hand) out of the 28 days.

Did you feel less bloated?
Yes. I think I saw much improvement in this aspect. I used to get a bloated tummy quite often for God knows what reason. After going on the teatox programme, had no trouble with a bloated tummy.

Were you cured of your constipation?
Yes. The Night Cleanse tea really worked wonders. So well that I had diarrhoea every other day. Enough said.

Did it reduce your appetite?
Yes. Not like I totally had no appetite to eat at all (that would be real bad), but I noticed that I needed to eat slightly less to feel full. Perhaps that also helped in the slight weight loss?

Would you continue with the programme?
The website recommends to go through the teatox programme as and when your body feels like it needs a good detox. There should be at least a month’s break before starting on a new 28-day programme. Personally, I’m kinda terrified of the diarrhoea part. It’s good that I’m cured of my constipation problem, but having diarrhoea like that is not good either. Now that I’ve finished the programme, I am trying to up my water intake to see if my body is able to detox itself naturally (meaning that I can go to the loo regularly without the help of supplements).

So there you have it. My honest take on the product. Those who have just started out the programme, good luck. Just don’t be too disappointed if you don’t get the results you wanted (which is pretty much that awesome flat tummy everyone seems to have after drinking the tea).