friday’s entry

ORDS lab test. Managed to get the procedure created. But there’s some parts wrong in my procedure coz when I run, the results I get aren’t the supposed results. Oh well…Mrs Ho said I was getting close to the answer.

Rushed down to Cineleisure in a cab. S.H.E’s autograph session. By the time I reached there, it was about 6.30pm. Whoa! The queue was horrendous. There was no proper barrier. The queue was just formed behind cineleisure, near Long John’s, on the grass patch.

I didn’t want to go queue up yet. From experience, the queue will go haywire once S.H.E comes.

S.H.E arrived around 7pm. Couldn’t see anything coz the tent flap was covering. The tent was faced to the front of Cineleisure anyway. By then, the queue was starting to go haywire. But queue was still visible. Police chasing people to just go on the grass patch. I just remained on the pavement.

Around 7.30pm. Saw Joycelyn and Duan Neng. They wanted to go queue. I decided to join them. 8pm. We only moved like 50m. What the hell. The queue doesn’t even look like it’s moving.

Suddenly, the dreaded happened. The queue went haywire. Everyone started running forward, forming a crowd. One lump…as Joycelyn described. It was really stuffy but nothing could be done except to pray hope that the crowd would move along faster.

A few hours pass. The left side of the crowd *my side* haven’t really moved. Only a few metres. People are starting to get impatient. A few yell out at the police to do something. There were railings on the side. The only way to get out of the crowd would be to climb over the railings which was a little risk. At about 10.30pm, the thought of giving up and climbing over the railings crossed my mind. On both sides of me, people were almost crushing my bones. I was thinking it might be impossible that S.H.E would even autograph everyone’s cd. However, Joycelyn and Duan Neng weren’t ready to give up. So I made up my mind to persevere with them.

I could hear my handphone ringing non-stop but I couldn’t even get my handphone. Squashed.

Alleluia. 11.30pm, the crowd finally starts to disperse and actually move. It was declared that everyone’s cd would be autographed. Our perseverance paid off. We were the last few in the queue. Checked my handphone. 12 missed calls and a message. Messaged Mum to apologise and told her I’ll be sharing a cab with the Joycelyn and Duan Neng.

12 midnight and I finally got both my cds autographed! I got to shake all 3 hands. Selina was softly singing along to “Bo Si Mao” which was playing out through the amplifier. Ella was the friendliest. She thanked every fan whose cd she autographed. Hebe was a little disappointing though. She didn’t even smile or look up. Just signed and pushed the booklet along. But I guess she’s tired.

The 3 of us were awfully thirsty. Got a drink from Cheers. Then shared a cab home. By the time I reached home, my body was aching and I had a headache. My eyes were dry. Stupid me forgot to bring out the eyedrops.

The stamp reads “S.H.E @ Singapore”.

2 versions of S.H.E’s new album.

Hebe didn’t sign properly on this one.

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