i will survive

Hmmm…got a bit negative there. People, I’m fine. I thank you all for the comments. See…that’s what’s so interesting about people. Everybody thinks differently. Some friends think that my course manager’s being harsh. Some think otherwise. And there’s neither wrong nor right. Coz there’s a bit of good in everything. Well…that’s what makes everyone different and special. They have their own set of views. 🙂

Yes, I do admit I’m quite undecided. Battling with my own “demons”. One of them being confidence. Somehow I feel I’ll never be good enough for some things. When really I should be more positive and find out what I’m really good at and be proud of it. OSIP right now really leaves me in a daze.

So tell myself, it’s over. The interview’s over. At least I tried. No use getting all dazed and frustrated over it. Life still has to go on.

Oh yea…the chant…*starts chanting* My lecturer thinks I’m a smart student.*keeps going* => personal confidence booster.

Whole lot of projects to complete. IN3D’s pretty much a challenge. Not quite sure how to start. Got the idea on paper. But the challenge is modelling it. The rest’s pretty much straightforward. Just whether I get stuck or not. Not much time left.

Time really passes by very fast. Few weeks more and I’m done with year 2. *provided I clear everything…choy…touch wood*

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