wasting away

Nothing much today. Bought dinner from Pasta Mania. Since Wei En served me, she gave me a discount. Of course, like how a woman shops when she’s at the mall, I stopped by OP to check out the new stuff. Nothing much but I got myself a grey racer-back top. Yay! One more off my wishlist.

Couldn’t resist getting a My Little Pony from Toys R’ Us too. Hee…

Sis is highly irritable today. In one of her almost depression moods. Little bit then get irritated until going to cry that kinda pattern. She didn’t go to school. Just slept the whole day.

I don’t know. I have this unexplainable anger whenever I see her sleeping the whole day, not going to school. I feel she’s not helping herself. Just wasting her whole life away. If you know you won’t have enough sleep then why do you make yourself sleep in the wee hours of the morning. Don’t tell me you’re doing schoolwork. Half the time I see you doing other stuff. You don’t do your stuff, then panic when the deadline gets nearer. People start hounding you and you can’t take it.

Why? Why make yourself so miserable? You got a problem. You want to overcome the problem. Then start doing something to help yourself. But I guess I won’t really understand what she thinks. Depression is really complicated.

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