keeping yourself covered adequately

Some time last month, I wrote an entry about taking care of your health and keeping yourself covered with medical insurance. I cannot stress how important it is to make sure that you and your loved ones (especially if you have ageing parents) are adequately covered.

Up until the day I moved out of the family home, my dad has been the one buying the necessary insurance and managing the family’s coverage. His hope was that one day his children would take over the responsibility of managing their own insurance matters. The day is here, but I guess it is regrettably a bit late. After seeing how hospital bills can add up to the five-figure range with my father-in-law and managing his insurance claims, I resolved to make sure my own parents were well covered. I found out that my mum was only covered under the Basic Medishield plan, while my sister was covered under an integrated shield plan for up to government-restructured hospital A ward. My mum has always been adamant about going to a private hospital and staying in A ward. Therefore, with their current plans, it didn’t seem enough. However (much to my dismay), my mum and sister’s plans cannot be upgraded due to their medical conditions. My mum is diabetic and my sister is undergoing treatment for depression. My insurance agent told me that underwriting for medical insurance is very strict.

So what’s my point of writing this entry? Yes, while most Singaporeans are covered under Basic Medishield (unless they opt out), the coverage is only up to government-restructured hospital B2 or C wards. I’m not saying that everyone should buy an integrated shield plan as supplement, but depending on your income level and lifestyle, it may be a good idea to look into it. Do it while you’re healthy…and especially while your parents are healthy. As age catches up, so do health problems.

The other part of my entry is more to whine a little about how unfair it is that people who are not born healthy, have to be excluded in getting themselves covered. While my mum insists that she is not born a diabetic, we all know that her side of the family has a history with diabetes and for the longest time, I’ve known her to be a diabetic. My grandparents were diabetic and so is my aunt. Even if she wasn’t born with that condition, it is more likely to be passed down genetically. From a business point of view, I can understand why insurance companies do not want to cover unhealthy people. They are a liability (so to speak) anyway as their risk of getting hospitalised or seeking treatment is higher. But from a human point of view, I just can’t get my head round the idea that people not born healthy have to be excluded just like that. Hellooooo, they didn’t ask to my born unhealthy. The hubby tried explaining it from another angle which helped me accept a little (if not fully) this rule. He said that if these people were included and they really had to be make more claims, the premiums for everyone would go up (since it’s based on shared risk) and the healthy ones (like me) would not like that right? Sigh, I guess he has a point.

Anyway, friends or anyone else reading this, if you have no clue about this insurance stuff and want some help, I’ll be happy to share what I know. Yup, this has been my job since I became a homemaker. Reading up on and understanding insurance and investment related matters.

quick updates

Went to the birdpark on Wednesday with KS and family. Erm…when was the last time I went there? When I was in primary school? School excursions and consent forms…nostalgic. Anyway, I think I enjoyed the penguins and owls *pictures meowzy here* the most. I also learnt that the boy attracts birds (and bird poop for that matter) because a lorikeet landed on his shoulder despite him having no bird seed to attract them birds.


I start work next Monday. Hello early mornings. T_T でも、仕事は絶対頑張ります! ^^V

the lord is my shepherd

“The Lord is my shepherd, there is nothing I shall want.”

This verse will hold a lot of meaning from now on. It was sung as a hymn at my grandma’s funeral, it is set in stone at my grandma’s resting place. Mum told me when grandma was in the hospital, one day out of the blue, she just started reciting this verse.

I told my cousin that a part of me felt a little angry because she didn’t wait for me to come home to see her in her final moments, but my cousin told me something else that made me ashamed of ever feeling that way. She was suffering and perhaps death was the only way God could release her from that.

The only comforting thought was that she held my letter to her as her body was cremated – that she took a part of me with her. Yes, like I told Leonard, when someone you know dies, it’s like a part of you dies as well.

Her final resting place is at St. Francis Xavier church together with my great great grandma, great grandparents (grandma’s parents), and my grandaunt (grandma’s oldest sister).

The tape is there to secure the stone since they just sealed it. Her photo will only be put on later. The beads on the mini rosary are red, my grandma’s favourite colour.

Great great grandma, great grandpa, great grandma, grandaunt. Photos are of my great grandparents. So, now I know which side of the family was peranakan. I think my great grandpa is handsome.

and she went with the wind

Grandma was cremated yesterday. It was too surreal.

I try hard to search my mind for all the memories to hold on tight to.

In a way, it was less cruel to see her coffin move slowly towards the fire because they hid it from view. My paternal grandma’s cremation was manual and when they opened the huge oven, I could see the flames licking on either side. In Singapore, it is all automated and there is a door to hide the view of the coffin going into the oven.

Still, it was heartbreaking. Although people say that once a person dies, the body is just a shell, but it’s something physical which you can see and hold on to. Once the body is cremated, there’s really nothing left. I can only think that she is now taken care of in heaven and is living an eternal peaceful and happy life.

a meaningful valentine’s day

Happy Valentine’s Day.

Today has never been more meaningful.

It is my first Valentine’s Day being attached to someone. Although Deary hasn’t prepared any surprises…and he’s sick. Not very sick, but he’s avoiding spicy or fried food. So, looks like our plan of eating at Woorigib is not possible. Moreover, we both know that we have homework and stuff to do, so there’s not much time to enjoy and have fun. Anyway, I am thankful for him being by my side. Tomorrow marks our first year together.

Lovey dovey stuff aside, 14 February 2009 is also the day my aunt went home to the Lord. She passed away peacefully at 5.35am (GMT +8). We were sort of prepared since she had been suffering from ALS for about 2 years. Perhaps she chose this day to go home and reunite with her husband. She did not get to see her daughter, Sharon for the last time. I guess she didn’t want Sharon to worry too much and she felt relieved of what Sharon has accomplished thus far.

I admire my cousin. She seems to be taking it ok despite losing both parents and being the only child. She has definitely matured a lot. I know that circumstances are as such which leaves her no choice, but to grow up much faster than others. However, I cannot help, but think that life is always a little unfair. Perhaps God has his reasons.

There are some things I never forget. From what happened when I was 18 (or was it 19), I have been careful and always have reflected deeply. Thus, I almost feel guilty when such things happen for I am blessed with wonderful parents and a comfortable life. I have everything I could ever ask for.

memories of grandma

One year ago, I felt what it’s really like to lose someone. Sis has always been wondering why I’m so emotionless. Yes, even I surprised myself when I could not control my tears. They were tears of guilt. Up till the day you left us, I was complaining about you. I do not take back what I felt because you indeed were a difficult patient. I only feel sorry that perhaps I should have been a little nicer and tolerant.

No matter what, you are my grandma and I love you. However much I showed my displeasure in your final days, deep down I have always respected you as my elder and admired your courage. You always treasured family togetherness. When Dad quarreled with uncle, you felt heartbroken because siblings should love each other and not fall apart. You taught me to love and treasure my parents, my family.

I felt a certain kind of happiness when I heard you wish Sis that she would find a good partner – someone who would take care of her during our last Chinese New Year together. I have found someone too. He takes care of me and respects me. Although it is still too early to tell what will happen in the future, we are working on strenthening our relationship. I wish you could see him.

I am now studying in USA. I am still a little unsure about what I want to do in the future. But, no matter what, I know you will give your blessings and tell me to study hard.

Continue to watch over us from heaven. Although you aren’t physically here anymore, you will always be around coz like Mum says, you are our guardian angel.

walking through a dream

Weather’s been a little crazy. Right now it’s raining heavily. Although back home, thunder and lightning is common when it rains, if you hear thunder here, it’s surprising. The rain is so bad that the roof is leaking at my dorm. Well, at least not outside my room, a few doors down.

Yesterday, it was pretty foggy. Like as if someone just poured water into a huge bucket of dry ice.

I swear I didn’t photoshop the photo. It’s taken from my room. I apologise for the faint grid, it’s the window netting.

The botak tree looked nice in this setting. Looks like from some mysterious/horror film – the dark dark woods or something. :laugh:

This photo is taken by Koon Seng. Just to show what it is like at ground level. It’s like walking through a dream.

PS: Before the day ends, happy birthday to my daddy! 🙂

dear my friends

“You make me happy when skies are grey. Darling, my darling, thank you father, mother, and my friends.” – Dragon Ash featuring ACO & Zeebra “Grateful Days”

Happy 2008!

Every year, I give thanks to the people around me, so here goes…

No amount of thanks can ever be enough for all the love and support you have given me.

Dad, they say that a daughter in a dad’s eyes will always be daddy’s little girl. Well, I’ve grown up now and am learning to be independent. Thank you for all the times that you’ve believed in me and allowed me to experience new things on my own.

ママは最高! It’s amazing how you always have solutions for running the household. I know it’s tough back home, caring for the old folks. Wish I could be there to help you out. 🙁 You always save me from all sorts of situations – laundry disasters, cooking disasters etc. Thank you for tolerating this わがまま娘 all these years.

WOMANNNNNN~~~ I’ve already wrote a nice paragraph for you in my earlier entry so I don’t wanna repeat it here. Just remember I always look up to you coz you taught me how to be comfortable with being myself.

Bestie Xianglin
Bestie, I :heart: you! We go a long long way~~~ Thanks for understanding me and listening to my problems. Well, what do I say? Good luck in…*winks*

You girls know how I feel about you. Although we are different in personality, we’ve managed to stick together for a good number of years. I’m really thankful for that! Remember, if any of you have a problem, you can always talk to the rest of us about it. If any of you have some psycho harassing you, just call us 姐妹s, we’ll make sure the psycho doesn’t see the light of day anymore. Oh, and I’m happy to be the boss of 7ners~~~ :heart:

The poly gang
Well, I guess there’s not much to say except that see you guys when I get back in the summer. I need an update of what’s going on with you all. Thanks for being a part of my life. Congrats to Yingwei and Clare on their second bundle of joy. I’m sure Paige is very excited to have a sibling.

The uni gang
I’m still learning a lot about you guys. It’s been fun going on trips around USA with you guys. Sorry Koon Seng, for eating up a part of your medication supply. Kang Jie, can you stop being so 色 for once? A bit of a turn-off lehz… Anyway, thanks for tolerating all my わがまま-ness. Oh yes, and keeping me in laughter all the time with your stories and jokes. Lastly, I’m NOT an ah lian. *bleargh*

To end off this entry: I miss you all~~~ :heart:
(Specially for Per: I miss you so much TO YOU!) :laugh: