a meaningful valentine’s day

Happy Valentine’s Day.

Today has never been more meaningful.

It is my first Valentine’s Day being attached to someone. Although Deary hasn’t prepared any surprises…and he’s sick. Not very sick, but he’s avoiding spicy or fried food. So, looks like our plan of eating at Woorigib is not possible. Moreover, we both know that we have homework and stuff to do, so there’s not much time to enjoy and have fun. Anyway, I am thankful for him being by my side. Tomorrow marks our first year together.

Lovey dovey stuff aside, 14 February 2009 is also the day my aunt went home to the Lord. She passed away peacefully at 5.35am (GMT +8). We were sort of prepared since she had been suffering from ALS for about 2 years. Perhaps she chose this day to go home and reunite with her husband. She did not get to see her daughter, Sharon for the last time. I guess she didn’t want Sharon to worry too much and she felt relieved of what Sharon has accomplished thus far.

I admire my cousin. She seems to be taking it ok despite losing both parents and being the only child. She has definitely matured a lot. I know that circumstances are as such which leaves her no choice, but to grow up much faster than others. However, I cannot help, but think that life is always a little unfair. Perhaps God has his reasons.

There are some things I never forget. From what happened when I was 18 (or was it 19), I have been careful and always have reflected deeply. Thus, I almost feel guilty when such things happen for I am blessed with wonderful parents and a comfortable life. I have everything I could ever ask for.

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