people, answer your emails please

I wish people would answer their emails promptly. I don’t see the point of having an email if:

  1. You don’t check it.
  2. You check it once in a blue moon.

Sure, I don’t expect people to check theirs the way I check mine every few minutes, but I expect to get a reply at least after a day. Let’s see who am I waiting for a  reply from.

  1. Someone regarding my summer internship.
  2. 2 students regarding the interview with them for my JOUR 200 assignment.
  3. 2 people to pay me for selling them some of my lolita stuff

Even if you have no time to entertain me, just reply with a one-liner like “I’m busy.” I’ll get the message and move on with other plans. Regarding number 2 of the second list above, I’m praying that they reply with good news soon. I really don’t want to write on stuff that I am not familiar with (eg. tomorrow’s news conference about digital broadcasting).

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