you da suck lahz

I HATE it when customer service staff give that kind of attitude like you owe them a living. I just got off the phone with the guy at the post office. I called to ask if I could reshedule delivery for some packages since Deary would be mostly at home tomorrow. The guy who answered my call was rather curt and I would say…rude. He asked me what kind of packages they were. I thought it would be easier for him to find the packages by the article number so I asked if he wanted them. He replied rather rudely that I just tell him what kind of packages they were. He asked for my name, address, and number (in case he couldn’t find them). After that, he said bye and hung up.

WTH. I’m trying to make your life easier by giving you the article numbers since that’s the way everyone tracks their packages. You don’t want them and you still have the DAMN CHEEK to be rude. KNN. FUCK SIA…what happened to “service with a smile”? Anyway, he called back a few minutes later and said I had to come collect them at the post office since the postman tried to deliver one package twice and no one was at home to receive it. He said “we can’t be trying to catch you all the time, young lady.” NAHBEH! Can’t you be nice about it even if you can’t redeliver it?

Waste my time talking to such people. This kind of people deserve to be scolded with Shine’s personal message. That is “lu banyak cheebye punya lahz.”

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