all you have to do is just keep swimming

My kiasu-ness proved useful coz I went to my TA’s office hours twice to make sure my story had no major mistakes, I received an A for my first Journalism assignment. :kirakira:

I am trying hard not to slack, but it’s tiring to keep swimming against the current. I’m already behind with my readings and there are exams and major assignments almost every week. I’m wondering whether it’s due to the fact that I’m taking more core courses this semester or it’s just my imagination.

Gone are the days of me actively participating (or maybe acting like a smart aleck) in Japanese class. I hardly even study for my quizzes anymore. Usually I just do it before class nowadays. Which is bad coz the material is getting harder and I’m just confusing myself with all the forms. I thought I had the て-form nailed after Xincai taught me the song, now comes the た-form and what-not. I am going to die…

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