walking through a dream

Weather’s been a little crazy. Right now it’s raining heavily. Although back home, thunder and lightning is common when it rains, if you hear thunder here, it’s surprising. The rain is so bad that the roof is leaking at my dorm. Well, at least not outside my room, a few doors down.

Yesterday, it was pretty foggy. Like as if someone just poured water into a huge bucket of dry ice.

I swear I didn’t photoshop the photo. It’s taken from my room. I apologise for the faint grid, it’s the window netting.

The botak tree looked nice in this setting. Looks like from some mysterious/horror film – the dark dark woods or something. :laugh:

This photo is taken by Koon Seng. Just to show what it is like at ground level. It’s like walking through a dream.

PS: Before the day ends, happy birthday to my daddy! 🙂

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