and she went with the wind

Grandma was cremated yesterday. It was too surreal.

I try hard to search my mind for all the memories to hold on tight to.

In a way, it was less cruel to see her coffin move slowly towards the fire because they hid it from view. My paternal grandma’s cremation was manual and when they opened the huge oven, I could see the flames licking on either side. In Singapore, it is all automated and there is a door to hide the view of the coffin going into the oven.

Still, it was heartbreaking. Although people say that once a person dies, the body is just a shell, but it’s something physical which you can see and hold on to. Once the body is cremated, there’s really nothing left. I can only think that she is now taken care of in heaven and is living an eternal peaceful and happy life.

2 thoughts on “and she went with the wind

  1. *hugs*

    I was in the same situation about 8 years ago. it didn’t really
    quite sink in when I heard the news. I got a call from my mom
    in school and… that was it. I felt down but not very sad.
    throughout the three days funeral, I was still playing cards
    and teaching my cousins daidee. it wasn’t until the cremation,
    when I saw the flames eating the coffin then there was this
    huge lump in my throat and I broke down.

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