settling kids down for lunch

Settling down for lunch with four young kids is no joke. It doesn’t matter if there are seven adults at the table, chaos still ensues.

To make things worse, we were at the ever-popular Itacho. The queue is usually long so the wait for a table is about half an hour or more. I was there early to queue for a table, but it didn’t help because some of the girls were late. Itacho at ION Orchard has a policy that states that all guests must have arrived before being seated. (In fact, most of the restaurants in ION have that rule.) So PK and I waited, lost our table, waited some more until the whole gang finally arrived, got our table again and…it was a smaller one. Not wanting to wait any longer, we decided to squeeze. The request for three baby chairs became two, and then there was chaos trying to get the kids to settle down. Hur hur.

And yes, every time I meet up with the 7ners, I unlock new motherhood knowledge/skills. This time was a lesson on how to get kids to eat during mealtime. When you have more than one kid, suddenly you become octopus mum. While focusing on feeding the baby, your eyes have to also watch the two other kids. That was how Nad was. Trust me, it’s tough. Since I was seated opposite her three and five-year olds, I decided to try my hand at managing those two so Nad could actually focus on feeding the baby. Example: Despite her telling them NOT to touch the croquettes with their hands, the hungry little ones’ fingers kept creeping up to the plate. There were only chopsticks on the table, no other cutlery. So I picked one croquette up with my chopsticks and fed the two with strict instructions to blow first because it’s hot and then take a bite.

I used to think that her kids are really active, mischievous and out-of-hand, but really they aren’t that bad. They do listen to instructions if you say it firmly. Of course, each kid has a different character so responses differ based on that as well. Like I noticed her oldest one, Zayden, tends to push the limits until you really tell him off in a crossed tone. The second one, Reuel, is more observant and listens to instructions, but will ‘monkey see, monkey do’ what his older brother does. But having said that, Zayden has improved quite a lot…hmmm…maybe it’s because he is going to school and there’s the teacher to listen to.

Also learnt something from Jo to make kids sit down at restaurants and not run around. I think earlier on at the restaurant entrance, Zayden must have spotted the restaurant’s security camera and pointed it out to Jo. Later on, Jo was telling Zayden to sit down because the camera is watching his every move and he better not misbehave. Haha.

And speaking of observant Reuel, while saying goodbye when we were parting ways, he suddenly came up to me mumbling something. I thought he wanted to give me a hug, so I squat down. It turned out that he was actually asking what happened to the missing bow on my right shoe. OH!

PS: I know the meet up was for Jo’s birthday, but I just had to blog about this instead. Erm…how about a nice picture to end off? Heh.

mummy battles for sleep

Every time I meet up with my closest girlfriends, I learn something new about parenting. To date, we have three mummies and five babies (one more on the way). Quite a bit of experience among our group of eight I would say.

The latest meet up was for Jo’s bachelorette party. Two of the mummies in our group brought along their breast pumps. The last time we met, I learnt that even if baby does not feed, milk needs to be released to relieve the mother of pain from her “rock hard” breasts. What I did not realise then was the interval between each feed/pump.

So the scenario went something like this:
One of the mummies pumps milk before sleeping (which was quite late in the night already). We go off to sleep at around 2am. At about 6am (I think so), mummy wakes up to find that her shirt is a little wet (milk has leaked). She rushes to pump the milk. What?! Only four hours of sleep and she has to wake up to do this?! Out of curiosity, I asked her how often does she have to do this. She replied that baby usually feeds on a 3-4 hourly basis so the body sorts of gets used to this routine and produces enough milk to satisfy the demand.

I have heard more than enough stories of mothers having a lack of sleep because they need to care for their babies. I often thought that it was because baby would wake up and cry at night due to hunger or something else. As baby gets older, he/she would sleep through the night and that would relieve mummy from her lack of sleep. The sudden realisation that that was not going to be the case made me feel a little uneasy. I know I would want to breastfeed my baby as much as I can in the future. After all, cow’s milk is not easily digested by humans…or so I heard. But, having to battle for sleep even after my kid learns to sleep through the night? Ok…I think I need a lot of mental preparation for this.

It’s not like I’m not ready to be a mother. The hubby and I have talked about having kids and I know it is going to be tough. I know there will be lots of pain (physically and mentally) and challenges to face, and I’m ready to take on all of them. It’s just that the more I learn about being a parent, the more I wonder will I have enough strength to cope with it all. I have to anyway. I suppose that’s why having a strong support team made up of family and friends is important. For me, I know I’m going to have a strong support team so that lets me breathe a big sigh of relief. I know that as much as I gather all the knowledge now, I will still face problems later on for there’s no ideal situation for always. But I know my support team will always be there for me and that makes a huge difference.

Through this episode, I’ve also learnt that it is important for couples to understand what they will be facing before they decide to have kids. It’s definitely not going to be a walk in the park so be mentally prepared and be willing to make the necessary sacrifices.

you can’t resist his smile now can you?

[edited on June 19, 2010 @ 10.41pm]
Ok, I checked out Nad’s blog and saw she had put up a link to the real reason why the contest was cancelled. Wow, didn’t know so much drama was going on. Well, I guess there will always be sore losers out there.

[edited on June 18, 2010 @ 11.13am]
Okaaaaayyyyy, the organizers decided to cancel the event. This is their reason:

“Due to continuous reported complaints of spamming and flaming of participants in this event to us and Facebook, we regret to announce that this event will be cancelled with immediate effect. We understand many of you have taken the time to commit to this event and we deeply appreciate your efforts. We wish to let you know that cancelling this event was a difficult decision to make and the final resort we had to take.”

Thanks to all who have voted and supported. As much as I hate this, I guess we really have no other choice.

A few months ago, a few of us 7ners were bugging Nad to enter Zayden in a baby contest. And she did…and now, Zayden needs your help to win. Click on his picture and “like” it. You must be logged into Facebook though. Many thanks for helping to vote.

Photo credits: Nadine and Guan

How can you resist this cute lil’ boy? 🙂

dear my friends

“You make me happy when skies are grey. Darling, my darling, thank you father, mother, and my friends.” – Dragon Ash featuring ACO & Zeebra “Grateful Days”

Happy 2008!

Every year, I give thanks to the people around me, so here goes…

No amount of thanks can ever be enough for all the love and support you have given me.

Dad, they say that a daughter in a dad’s eyes will always be daddy’s little girl. Well, I’ve grown up now and am learning to be independent. Thank you for all the times that you’ve believed in me and allowed me to experience new things on my own.

ママは最高! It’s amazing how you always have solutions for running the household. I know it’s tough back home, caring for the old folks. Wish I could be there to help you out. 🙁 You always save me from all sorts of situations – laundry disasters, cooking disasters etc. Thank you for tolerating this わがまま娘 all these years.

WOMANNNNNN~~~ I’ve already wrote a nice paragraph for you in my earlier entry so I don’t wanna repeat it here. Just remember I always look up to you coz you taught me how to be comfortable with being myself.

Bestie Xianglin
Bestie, I :heart: you! We go a long long way~~~ Thanks for understanding me and listening to my problems. Well, what do I say? Good luck in…*winks*

You girls know how I feel about you. Although we are different in personality, we’ve managed to stick together for a good number of years. I’m really thankful for that! Remember, if any of you have a problem, you can always talk to the rest of us about it. If any of you have some psycho harassing you, just call us 姐妹s, we’ll make sure the psycho doesn’t see the light of day anymore. Oh, and I’m happy to be the boss of 7ners~~~ :heart:

The poly gang
Well, I guess there’s not much to say except that see you guys when I get back in the summer. I need an update of what’s going on with you all. Thanks for being a part of my life. Congrats to Yingwei and Clare on their second bundle of joy. I’m sure Paige is very excited to have a sibling.

The uni gang
I’m still learning a lot about you guys. It’s been fun going on trips around USA with you guys. Sorry Koon Seng, for eating up a part of your medication supply. Kang Jie, can you stop being so 色 for once? A bit of a turn-off lehz… Anyway, thanks for tolerating all my わがまま-ness. Oh yes, and keeping me in laughter all the time with your stories and jokes. Lastly, I’m NOT an ah lian. *bleargh*

To end off this entry: I miss you all~~~ :heart:
(Specially for Per: I miss you so much TO YOU!) :laugh:

farewell prez from 7ners

I have been spending too much time playing some games which got boring after a few days. They got boring coz I couldn’t get the desired result fast enough and I ended up looking for cheats online. They also got boring partly coz they were trials which shut off after 1 hour and they gave me only 5 minutes extended play each time I double-clicked the icon. So imagine the number of times I got interrupted while playing. Anyway, I decided to delete them all. Don’t wanna clutter Maru-chan.

I missed out on blogging due to the extensive game playing. I want to blog about the farewell presents I received from 7ners.

I got a huge card from them last Wednesday. After a long time, that 7ners meeting had everyone present. That meeting was meant to welcome home Pwen and PK, celebrate Per’s birthday and farewell party for me. As I was reading the messages in the card, I really wanted to cry. Your words and feelings mean a lot to me…

This Wednesday, I met up with Pwen, Per and CJ. They presented me with a photo collage and a present. Surprise, surprise. They gave me a cap and gloves.

The gloves look normal when you look at them like that but they are cuter when worn coz your thumbs would be pink and the rest of your fingers yellow.

I was kinda shocked they got me gloves coz I already bought a pair. Plus I have an old pair from ice-skating years ago. Anyway, thanks for the presents. I still love the gloves! :heart: The gloves I bought are pink.

I have a lot more I want to say but I’ll leave it for the next entry. It’s way past bedtime…

for so long…so long

I’m not sure if I should go on a hiatus. I don’t get much computer time anymore. When I get to use the computer, I’ve got other things to do…blogging becomes last priority and I never get to it in the end. When I want to blog, I don’t have access to my computer.

I’m still trying to figure out my own emotions. It was a momentary release when my grandparents went back to Malaysia for 6 days or so. No, it was a momentary release for 3 of us (Mum, Sis and I). I felt I could breathe again. I didn’t have to feel guilty for once and I could go around the house doing the things I wanted to. I didn’t have to feel like I was keeping my temper in check all the time. Although I hate that I have to be like that, I can’t help it. All the disappointment just sums up. I don’t feel like talking to my own grandparents. How fuckin’ sad is that?

At work, I just go about doing my work and stop thinking about my own emotions. I guess it’s to numb out what I feel. Anyway, at work there’s always other things to worry about. Like whether I’m doing things right and that I should keep mistakes at a minimum.

Oh by the way, I’m still in NTUC Income. I was going to quit but they offered an admin position. So I’m in the Motor Processing team now. Basically, I just key in data for Motor insurance proposals and issue Motor insurance policies. Of course, data entry is always a boring job coz it’s routine but I think I much prefer that to being a call agent. At least I don’t feel like murdering anyone anymore.

I’m on an AAA high again. I just asked Ling to help me get their 2nd and 3rd concert dvds at Narita airport if she manages to find them. Thank God she’s only transiting or else I would have asked her to get me a lot more stuff and she’ll hate me for that. Heehee~~~ I got their 2nd album with dvd from Mariyanto’s friend. Happy~~~

I’ll be broke this month. I spent $200+ on NewS. So happy that they are back. I still remember listening to “Dreams” and getting a little emotional. Ordered stuff from this year’s spring con (I won’t get to go anyway…) + their new single (both normal and limited editions) + 2007 calendar. Kinda pissed off that I ordered Jrs calendar coz I thought NewS wasn’t going to have their own calendar. Guess I’ll sell it off later if I don’t want it. I kinda have this small nagging feeling that Kusano and Uchi are not coming back and that NewS will remain as a 6-man group. Hope I’m wrong… Anyway, thanks to Celestine for helping me get Massu’s uchiwa from Countdown concert. 🙂

Magazines will be coming in this Friday. Mise was closed yesterday…so no Miso Soup till next weekend. So much for getting high in HMV when I saw Miso Soup on the shelf. 

NewS released a new pv for サヤエンドウ! Ain’t that great though coz it’s mostly scenes from last year’s spring con. And sorry Massu, Shige looked the most handsome in spring con while singing サヤエンドウ. But Massu as usual, you made me laugh.

I finished watching “궁“. *victory sign* Very enjoyable korean drama. *dreamy look* Conquering “タイヨのうた” next. 沢尻 エリカ looks very different in タイヨのうた. Way more grown up than in 1リットルの涙.

Was kinda happy when I saw NANA anime episodes uploaded in clubbox. But alas, my happiness was shortlived. It refused to download. Damn. Cathay should really bring in the NANA movie. What are you guys waiting for? It was already featured in the Singapore news. BRING IT IN!!! Sidenote, Ling also thinks that 市川由衣 doesn’t suit the role of 小松奈々 in NANA2.

Lastly, merry christmas, happy birthday, happy new year, happy whatever…all the occasions I missed wishing here. I missed blogging about Wawa’s, Chloe’s, Yui’s, PK’s, CJ’s, Sis’s birthdays. I missed blogging on XW and Paul’s wedding. Congratulations to both of you. I missed blogging on 7ners gathering at Albert Court Hotel. Things which I don’t feel like blogging anymore. No reason why. Once the feeling is gone, it’s gone.

getting emotional at the movies

Watched “Helen The Baby Fox” this afternoon with Sis. It’s a Japanese movie about a boy and his special bond with a blind and deaf baby fox. I’m not going to spill the contents of the movie. If you wanna know more, go watch it. It’s definitely worth it…especially if you’re an animal lover.

I expected myself to tear as usual but this time I actually cried. First time crying while watching a movie. I could feel tears coming to my eyes. Expected it to just stop at there. Next moment I knew, 3 pairs of steady teardrops rolling down my cheeks. All for one scene in the movie.

Rushed down to town to meet 7ners. Celebration for Per’s 21st. Just a small one – dinner at NYDC. After which, we chilled out awhile at the tables on the 9th floor of Cine. Heh…actually we went there coz I had to collect some stuff for Sis at Mise.

Nad was holding my bag of mags when she walked out of the mrt at her stop. Didn’t even realise until she turned back and called out for me. That’s not the only thing I forgot. Just now when I opened my bag to get my digicam out, I saw the tiara still sitting in my bag. SHUCKS! I forgot about it. And I was damn happy I remembered to bring it out unlike for Nad’s birthday celebration. Even when Sof asked where it was, I happily told her it was in my bag. *sigh* And I had to forget about it later…

The tiara’s supposed to be passed on to the next 7ner celebrating her 21st. So why is it still stuck with me?! I have bad memory…*wails*

per and the sexy osaka man

Yesterday was Per’s birthday. I already sent her some 迷路兵 photos which can be considered as birthday present part 1. So here’s part 2…you get to “pose” with the self-proclaimed “Sexy Osaka Man”. お誕生日おめでとう!!!

(Ok…birthday girl requested not to post the photo just like that…so follow the link to see it.)

Actually I already wished her the moment it reached 23rd. We had a video conference.

We were having so much fun clowning around. I was trying to mock-whack Sis but she said it didn’t look like I was whacking her. Then she tried throwing a punch slow-mo at me. As her fist hit the screen, I decided to “catch” that blow. Started waving my arms about and moving backwards as if I got hit and am losing my balance. And it ended with laughing fits from both sides. :rofl:

We had dinner together – Sis, Per and I. Uma Uma Men (again). And we had some birthday cake!

23rd is also Mysty’s birthday. Mysty-chan お誕生日おめでとう!!! Hope you’re having a good time in Virginia with David. 🙂

And as you can see from my little calendar in the sidebar. Today’s Fumihiko’s birthday. お誕生日おめでとう!!! In case you’re wondering who’s the guy, Fumihiko came to visit TP with his schoolmates. I was paired up with him for the self-introduction session. We wrote messages for each other on boards. Knowing that the Japanese students had a difficulty with English, I told him to write his message in Japanese and I’ll write mine in English. And we can both go figure out each other’s message somehow. With my close-to-nil knowledge of Japanese language, I took time to read his message, half guessing the kanji. But I’m proud to say I more or less understood what he was trying to say.

last recording

A photo taken at JW’s farewell dinner…hehe…Up + JW = “gay couple”.

Went to the SuperBand recording yesterday. Last one I’ll ever go to coz the next one will be the finals and I’ll be happily eating and shopping in Japan. HAHAHA…

You know, I would like to blog about everything but I’m trying to control my temper here. And then it just comes down to…angry also like that, don’t get angry also like that. So 算了吧。。。

Before the recording, went down to Taka to watch 静爆乐团’s performance. Not that I really wanted to be there but Sis wanted to…

And they sang 柯有伦’s “Wake Up (拼了)”. *pengz* NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO… I love this song so much coz of the emotion in it. But I cannot tahan 静爆’s rendition of it. Simply coz they don’t inject the right emotion into the song. Reading the lyrics…the song has this very 无奈的感觉。 When it was used in the drama “求婚事务所”, it had this very Romeo and Juliet feeling. The feeling between 2 lovers that you just have to get together, no matter how many difficulties you will have to face coz of the love you have for each other. When I watched the mtv for the song, I believe 柯有伦 sang it to express the feeling he had inside when his father passed away. The feeling that that someone so dear to you has moved away, the pain and the loss. The wish to see that someone again.

SuperBand recording was ok. Soul sang DBSK’s “Rising Sun”. But they didn’t sing the part I like…the part where everyone goes “somebody talk”. Bloop bloop bloop… Well, I would be lying if I said they did a great job out of it. Especially the last line “waiting for the rising SUN~~~”. C’mon, if you’ve heard Changmin sing that part, you’ll have gone “Whoa…” I don’t expect Soul to be as good as DBSK coz DBSK are already pros and all. Didn’t expect much to begin with since Sis and I knew this song really isn’t easy to sing. Haha…but Soul knew that to cover up their vocal flaws, they could wow the judges with their dance. Their ero ero dance (ok lahz…not that really ero ero but a little…). :laugh:

So now that a group has finally sung a mandarin version of an originally Japanese/Korean song. Hahaha…would love to see Brods tackle Tackey & Tsubasa’s “Venus”, complete with the dance/hand moves. In case you didn’t know, T&T did sing a mandarin version of that song.

Well then, good luck to all the bands/groups. I must say that it’s a tough competition at this point coz everyone is good.

No photos taken coz was feeling tired…considering that I only slept 2 hours.