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A photo taken at JW’s farewell dinner…hehe…Up + JW = “gay couple”.

Went to the SuperBand recording yesterday. Last one I’ll ever go to coz the next one will be the finals and I’ll be happily eating and shopping in Japan. HAHAHA…

You know, I would like to blog about everything but I’m trying to control my temper here. And then it just comes down to…angry also like that, don’t get angry also like that. So 算了吧。。。

Before the recording, went down to Taka to watch 静爆乐团’s performance. Not that I really wanted to be there but Sis wanted to…

And they sang 柯有伦’s “Wake Up (拼了)”. *pengz* NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO… I love this song so much coz of the emotion in it. But I cannot tahan 静爆’s rendition of it. Simply coz they don’t inject the right emotion into the song. Reading the lyrics…the song has this very 无奈的感觉。 When it was used in the drama “求婚事务所”, it had this very Romeo and Juliet feeling. The feeling between 2 lovers that you just have to get together, no matter how many difficulties you will have to face coz of the love you have for each other. When I watched the mtv for the song, I believe 柯有伦 sang it to express the feeling he had inside when his father passed away. The feeling that that someone so dear to you has moved away, the pain and the loss. The wish to see that someone again.

SuperBand recording was ok. Soul sang DBSK’s “Rising Sun”. But they didn’t sing the part I like…the part where everyone goes “somebody talk”. Bloop bloop bloop… Well, I would be lying if I said they did a great job out of it. Especially the last line “waiting for the rising SUN~~~”. C’mon, if you’ve heard Changmin sing that part, you’ll have gone “Whoa…” I don’t expect Soul to be as good as DBSK coz DBSK are already pros and all. Didn’t expect much to begin with since Sis and I knew this song really isn’t easy to sing. Haha…but Soul knew that to cover up their vocal flaws, they could wow the judges with their dance. Their ero ero dance (ok lahz…not that really ero ero but a little…). :laugh:

So now that a group has finally sung a mandarin version of an originally Japanese/Korean song. Hahaha…would love to see Brods tackle Tackey & Tsubasa’s “Venus”, complete with the dance/hand moves. In case you didn’t know, T&T did sing a mandarin version of that song.

Well then, good luck to all the bands/groups. I must say that it’s a tough competition at this point coz everyone is good.

No photos taken coz was feeling tired…considering that I only slept 2 hours.

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