the smell of home

“Chou ii kan ji~~~”

I finally remembered to check out Tego and Massu’s “Miso Soup” on youtube last night. Ne~e…I wasn’t really paying attention to the meaning of the song though I caught it coz I was busy trying to figure out what both of them were singing. English version. So, trying to make out their “engrish”. Ok, I’m exaggerating a little. I could hear some sentences.

The familiar taste of Mum’s miso soup. The taste of home. All the little things that make you think of home. I always smell my jacket coz it has the smell of the fabric softener which reminds me of my mum and home.

I think the song has similiar meaning to Sankyoudai’s “Onigishi”.

Apart from that, Per was supplying me with all the youtube links to DBSK’s clips. Xiah is so cute! :rofl:

The weekend flew past quite fast. Saturday, Sis and I went to Lucify’s concert at Dbl’O. I think all the magic from SuperBand is wearing off. Heh…Singapore NEVER had a market for singers. And the attitude of the singers matter a lot. Most of them I’ll say have this snooty attitude after the competition. I know that life has to return to what it used to be but don’t forget that you wanted to choose this path and with it comes other “responsibilities”. When you wanted those votes, you pleaded with us and were so friendly. Now that you’ve got that little recognition, you ignore us. Where’s the logic in that?

Anyway, Sis and I agreed that the concert was a little of a disappointment. It didn’t feel like a concert at all but another MediaCorp recording. Host was the same one from the competition. The songs they sang except for 2 Japanese songs were all sung during the competition. Afterall, Lucify started out being a J-Rock band, so we expected them to sing more Japanese songs. I even imagined that I’ll be going to watch Blackstones or Trapnest. OMG…Ling, it’s all your fault now that I’m stuck on NANA.

SAT this coming Saturday. I can’t believe I’m going through this another time. That little bit more confidence I had was kinda wiped out yesterday when I was attempting a paper. I ALWAYS seem to run out of time. And I hate this fact when I’m happily working on the maths problems. It’s not that I don’t know how to work it out but I need more time to attempt the problem. Bleargh.

performances and all

I was too tired to blog on Saturday or yesterday.

Saturday, we were supposed to watch Lucify perform at the *scape event. But both of us overslept so gave it a miss. We still went down later and managed to catch the appearance of the 10 finalists of Singapore Idol 2. Not that I wanted to see them. Sis wanted to see Jonathan Leong. Please tell me what’s so good about him?

We were supposed to meet Carol but we had to leave coz Mum called to say that grandpa had a fall and has been sent to the hospital. Went to the hospital. Waited around. Got hungry. Bought toast from the machine – the same one found at Mediacorp. Quite tasty. Waited some more. Managed to see grandpa before they found a room for him to get warded into. 

Pardon my bad memory but my memory of grandpa sort of stops at the time when I was a kid. The photo on the fridge magnet on the refrigerator. Perhaps that’s what the mind does best, block out all the bad stuff and only leave the good memories behind. I think that was the time when we were closest to our grandparents. As we grew up, we sort of drifted apart. So when I saw him lying on the bed, looking all thin and frail, I couldn’t help but wonder when did he become like that? He hardly responds. We wonder whether he even recognises us coz he has dementia. So sometimes he registers, sometimes he’s off.

After the hospital visit, we rushed down for 静爆乐团’s performance at Telok Ayer CC. I never knew the speaker’s corner looked so grand. All along I thought it just consisted of a signpost to mark out the area. The speaker will have to bring his own chair to stand on. Building a damn speaker’s corner is so blardee ironic. Talk about freedom of speech. Haha…by the time you get to the end of the rules and regulations, you can crush up your paper filled with the points to rant and rave about. Just pack up and go home.

Ah, but I have digressed. So I suppose the speaker’s corner is now used as a stage for performances like the one we were there to watch. 静爆 sang “Wake Up (拼了)” AGAIN. I’m sorry lahz, but I CANNOT STAND them singing it. *jumps up and down, hands covering ears* If you STILL don’t know what I’m talking about, check out one of the older entries. And guess what? I actually took a video clip of them singing it. Till now I can’t understand why I took that clip. *shakes head in denial*

Yesterday, Sis being all sore that we missed Lucify’s performance the day before, made sure we didn’t miss their appearance at Bishan J8. Haha…but they didn’t perform. All they did was pose for photos and answer a few questions about how they felt being in the grand finals. Is this some sort of promotion for the grand finals?

So, the 4 groups had to pose for photos. Cuifang decided to make them pose ala neoprint 16-shot style. Except they only had to pose 4 times, each pose lasting for 5 seconds. 迷路兵’s 4 poses were so original. :laugh: Who would have thought of that? Didn’t take photos of J3. Sorry manz, I don’t really like them. Too many photos so click to see each set.

  1. Lucify
  2. Soul
  3. 迷路兵

At night after shopping, we went to watch Defuse perform at Youth Park. It wasn’t the best performance as Leonard announced that they would be taking a break after that performance. Sort of like on hiatus. Reason being his vocals have been affected by all the smoking so he needs the time to heal. His words could have made you go all teary if you were a big fan of theirs (I’m not lahz) but the way he said it, somehow I got this very very bad feeling that they might disappear after going on hiatus.

You hear those words, you expect him to have finally understood how his band members felt about his smoking habit. Saying all those stuff about him realising that his smoking has affected his vocals and sort of regret not listening to his band members advice. The next minute, he’s at the corner lighting a cigarette. -_-||| What’s the point then?


Anyway, Leonard’s Hello Kitty guitar is cute. :laugh:

last recording

A photo taken at JW’s farewell dinner…hehe…Up + JW = “gay couple”.

Went to the SuperBand recording yesterday. Last one I’ll ever go to coz the next one will be the finals and I’ll be happily eating and shopping in Japan. HAHAHA…

You know, I would like to blog about everything but I’m trying to control my temper here. And then it just comes down to…angry also like that, don’t get angry also like that. So 算了吧。。。

Before the recording, went down to Taka to watch 静爆乐团’s performance. Not that I really wanted to be there but Sis wanted to…

And they sang 柯有伦’s “Wake Up (拼了)”. *pengz* NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO… I love this song so much coz of the emotion in it. But I cannot tahan 静爆’s rendition of it. Simply coz they don’t inject the right emotion into the song. Reading the lyrics…the song has this very 无奈的感觉。 When it was used in the drama “求婚事务所”, it had this very Romeo and Juliet feeling. The feeling between 2 lovers that you just have to get together, no matter how many difficulties you will have to face coz of the love you have for each other. When I watched the mtv for the song, I believe 柯有伦 sang it to express the feeling he had inside when his father passed away. The feeling that that someone so dear to you has moved away, the pain and the loss. The wish to see that someone again.

SuperBand recording was ok. Soul sang DBSK’s “Rising Sun”. But they didn’t sing the part I like…the part where everyone goes “somebody talk”. Bloop bloop bloop… Well, I would be lying if I said they did a great job out of it. Especially the last line “waiting for the rising SUN~~~”. C’mon, if you’ve heard Changmin sing that part, you’ll have gone “Whoa…” I don’t expect Soul to be as good as DBSK coz DBSK are already pros and all. Didn’t expect much to begin with since Sis and I knew this song really isn’t easy to sing. Haha…but Soul knew that to cover up their vocal flaws, they could wow the judges with their dance. Their ero ero dance (ok lahz…not that really ero ero but a little…). :laugh:

So now that a group has finally sung a mandarin version of an originally Japanese/Korean song. Hahaha…would love to see Brods tackle Tackey & Tsubasa’s “Venus”, complete with the dance/hand moves. In case you didn’t know, T&T did sing a mandarin version of that song.

Well then, good luck to all the bands/groups. I must say that it’s a tough competition at this point coz everyone is good.

No photos taken coz was feeling tired…considering that I only slept 2 hours.


[edited at 11.46pm]
I suddenly realised that my ringtone is quite ironic. It’s like before I actually hear my mum’s voice nagging me to go home, I already get the message. Hahaha… :laugh:

Ladies and gentlemen, may I present to you…Kuro-chan!

No, I do not have a habit of naming my belongings. I happened to fiddle around with the phone and found this option for “bluetooth profile”. The default was the model number which is kinda uncool. So I decided to name it “kuro-chan”. Duh…coz the phone is black. The good thing is, this new phone can be used in Japan. Essential since our family has sort of made Japan our yearly holiday destination. It will be used to keep in contact with each other should we move around on our own.

I couldn’t bear to leave my Osaka Kaiyukan handphone strap on my old phone. The handphone strap with the hearts was my birthday gift from Joyce. Right now, Gaki-san has the honour of being my handphone wallpaper. Previously it was Ai-chan but I thought Gaki-san looked cuter. The picture coming from her second photobook. Ringtone is set to ∞SAKAおばちゃんROCK…although it doesn’t really make a difference coz the ringing seems to be shorter so I only get to hear Hina yelling his “他所は他所! 家は家!” bit and beginnings of the song.

Haven’t gotten the photos Cas and Xiuwei took at Yingwei and Clare’s wedding. I’ll post some up and talk about it once I get them. Gonna have to wait some time though coz Cas’s computer is down.

I missed the results for this week’s round of SuperBand. Too tired so went to lie down for awhile, not knowing that I’ll actually sleep for at least 2 hours. Anyway, Sis told me it was down to Lucify and 馒头. And Lucify made it. From now on, it’s going to be a tough fight…

Psycho number 1 has decided to wage war against Sis. Haha…think we’re scared? I say, BRING IT ON!!! Personally, I think you’re damn FAKE. Your so-called friendships are built upon your whims and fancies. One day you feel like being chummy, the next you’ve thrown your “friends” to one side and probably use every bad word under the sun to describe them. And you think we’ll come running to you, begging you not to leave us? DREAM ON. *rolls eyes* Gawd, rolling my eyes doesn’t even come close to how I view this whole situation. More like digging my eyes out and rolling them on the table like dice. You act as if you own them. Honey, they are humans not objects. They have every right to make their own decisions. Seriously, I pity you for having such behaviour.

i really thought…


The Lucify outing held on Saturday was (to me) kinda disastrous. From a dinner, it finally became a phototaking session. There was no difference from a recording day except that the sky was directly above us and not a ceiling. I mean I do appreciate the hard work of the organisers for this outing but I think it’s better to limit the number of people for the outing to make it more memorable…

Went to the recording for the revival round on Sunday. I happened to glance at the seats for the judges. New age seats. Wait a minute…they look like…urinals or basins? Then the cameraman caught them on camera and they were projected on the huge screen. Now, at that position with the new age tables in front, they look like toilet bowls. HAHAHA…

Anyway, we all know the results of the revival round now. I thought Juz-B was going to come through. But 迷路兵’s not bad too… :smile: 

To end Tuesday…Sis and I had some Jin birthday cake and Massu birthday cake…



Lucify got through. *sigh of relief*

迷路兵 is out. But they will be competing in the revival round. Nic looked like he was going to cry. Ah…but he seems to be the kind who blames himself for small mistakes. No confidence?

馒头…another 打不死的蟑螂? Hmmm…they are better than 夏日风 but well, they simply aren’t the best. Besides, the lead singer seems to be the arrogant sort?

I don’t like the way the hosts phrase their statement. They say something like “tonight, someone’s musical dream will end.” Who says it will end if the band is voted out? If the band loves music so much, it will never end.

I don’t think I will be blogging about Da Vinci Code anymore. Somehow it doesn’t feel the same if I blog about it now. All I can say is that the movie was interesting. I don’t know how people can say it’s boring. It makes you question about your faith. Wondering whether what you’ve been believing all along is right. Church ministers are still humans and humans make errors. Humans can give in to temptation anytime. So what now is right or wrong? 

I believe I haven’t announced this. has another hostee…Don!!! Haha…my (crappy) poly classmate. I remember him for his jokes about giving discounts to his friends. Something like “this costs $5 but since you’re my friend, I’ll give you a discount…$4.99.” -_-||| And I still remember him helping me out with my DDAD project…the one that left me in tears coz I was panicking when I couldn’t figure it out. Programming has never and will never be my strongest suit.

I’m tired but I still have things to do… 🙁

3 days worth

Friday…went down to PS for that YES 93.3 event. Actually I was a little sianz to go all the way down since Lucify wasn’t going to perform a song. All the SuperBand finalists just performed the SuperBand theme song. They weren’t even singing. They all looked damn paiseh, just moving onstage and trying to look happy.

And we made uchiwas! Haha…mine looks like this.

Sis’s is just the word “Lucify” on one side and the other side is blank.

Per made one to support Tank. Yep, that was also one of the reasons why I was there. To keep Per company. But I think she succeeded in making me a Tank fan. Wait, I’m not a huge fan lahz.

Saturday…went to Tank’s autograph session at TM with Per. We met some nice Tank fans who offered to get us in for the Tank music showcase at Kbox later.

PK, hope you’re not regretting now. I did call you to ask whether you wanted me to help you get the cd…

Tank overdose. Tank songs have been replaying over and over again in my mind. Especially those songs he kept singing at all the events.

Today…no tickets for the SuperBand recording but still went down to Mediacorp. Vics went home early. Maybe he was sick… Haha…but had to fill the six photo slots. So I took photos with Ishi from Soul and Brods. *mutters* I’m so short…

I’m running out of creative captions. I’m running out of things to say. I still haven’t done a million things. Like upload stuff for people, blog about Da Vinci Code (SO overdued), pick up the Japanese mags, go shopping for a dress to attend Yingwei and Clare’s wedding etc.

And please excuse me now for I have to go drown in the bathroom…

uncle kel turns 23


You know, I would love to say more but nothing comes to my mind right now. So I guess I’ll just recap the day’s events.

For the fourth time, we tried to get tickets to watch Da Vinci Code. Only to fail…again. *wails* Like last Friday, we (Per, Tristan, Sis and I) ended up meeting in town just for dinner. Last Friday had dinner at Pepper Lunch Express at Dhoby Ghaut. This time was at Nooch at Paragon. Anyway, this time we made sure we’ll get to watch it. We bought advance tickets for Tuesday’s show.

After dinner, we walked down to Lido’s Isetan to check out the MOW ice-cream. Thanks to Yui who told Sis about it. Check out the poster pasted at the side of the refrigerator box.

On the way, we stopped by Mac to watch the soccer match between Japan and Croatia. NIPPON CHA CHA CHA! NIPPON CHA CHA CHA!

Left at half-time. Reached the Mac at Tampines just in time to catch the last bits. *sigh* Final score: 0-0