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I was too tired to blog on Saturday or yesterday.

Saturday, we were supposed to watch Lucify perform at the *scape event. But both of us overslept so gave it a miss. We still went down later and managed to catch the appearance of the 10 finalists of Singapore Idol 2. Not that I wanted to see them. Sis wanted to see Jonathan Leong. Please tell me what’s so good about him?

We were supposed to meet Carol but we had to leave coz Mum called to say that grandpa had a fall and has been sent to the hospital. Went to the hospital. Waited around. Got hungry. Bought toast from the machine – the same one found at Mediacorp. Quite tasty. Waited some more. Managed to see grandpa before they found a room for him to get warded into. 

Pardon my bad memory but my memory of grandpa sort of stops at the time when I was a kid. The photo on the fridge magnet on the refrigerator. Perhaps that’s what the mind does best, block out all the bad stuff and only leave the good memories behind. I think that was the time when we were closest to our grandparents. As we grew up, we sort of drifted apart. So when I saw him lying on the bed, looking all thin and frail, I couldn’t help but wonder when did he become like that? He hardly responds. We wonder whether he even recognises us coz he has dementia. So sometimes he registers, sometimes he’s off.

After the hospital visit, we rushed down for 静爆乐团’s performance at Telok Ayer CC. I never knew the speaker’s corner looked so grand. All along I thought it just consisted of a signpost to mark out the area. The speaker will have to bring his own chair to stand on. Building a damn speaker’s corner is so blardee ironic. Talk about freedom of speech. Haha…by the time you get to the end of the rules and regulations, you can crush up your paper filled with the points to rant and rave about. Just pack up and go home.

Ah, but I have digressed. So I suppose the speaker’s corner is now used as a stage for performances like the one we were there to watch. 静爆 sang “Wake Up (拼了)” AGAIN. I’m sorry lahz, but I CANNOT STAND them singing it. *jumps up and down, hands covering ears* If you STILL don’t know what I’m talking about, check out one of the older entries. And guess what? I actually took a video clip of them singing it. Till now I can’t understand why I took that clip. *shakes head in denial*

Yesterday, Sis being all sore that we missed Lucify’s performance the day before, made sure we didn’t miss their appearance at Bishan J8. Haha…but they didn’t perform. All they did was pose for photos and answer a few questions about how they felt being in the grand finals. Is this some sort of promotion for the grand finals?

So, the 4 groups had to pose for photos. Cuifang decided to make them pose ala neoprint 16-shot style. Except they only had to pose 4 times, each pose lasting for 5 seconds. 迷路兵’s 4 poses were so original. :laugh: Who would have thought of that? Didn’t take photos of J3. Sorry manz, I don’t really like them. Too many photos so click to see each set.

  1. Lucify
  2. Soul
  3. 迷路兵

At night after shopping, we went to watch Defuse perform at Youth Park. It wasn’t the best performance as Leonard announced that they would be taking a break after that performance. Sort of like on hiatus. Reason being his vocals have been affected by all the smoking so he needs the time to heal. His words could have made you go all teary if you were a big fan of theirs (I’m not lahz) but the way he said it, somehow I got this very very bad feeling that they might disappear after going on hiatus.

You hear those words, you expect him to have finally understood how his band members felt about his smoking habit. Saying all those stuff about him realising that his smoking has affected his vocals and sort of regret not listening to his band members advice. The next minute, he’s at the corner lighting a cigarette. -_-||| What’s the point then?


Anyway, Leonard’s Hello Kitty guitar is cute. :laugh:

2 thoughts on “performances and all

  1. dots. Soul\’s clothes are really clothes coordinated.. LOL.. Like a typical boyband.. =/ oh well…

    Lucify.. so cute! =)

    elisia says: Ehz…actually 迷路兵 was also kinda colour coordinated.

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