the smell of home

“Chou ii kan ji~~~”

I finally remembered to check out Tego and Massu’s “Miso Soup” on youtube last night. Ne~e…I wasn’t really paying attention to the meaning of the song though I caught it coz I was busy trying to figure out what both of them were singing. English version. So, trying to make out their “engrish”. Ok, I’m exaggerating a little. I could hear some sentences.

The familiar taste of Mum’s miso soup. The taste of home. All the little things that make you think of home. I always smell my jacket coz it has the smell of the fabric softener which reminds me of my mum and home.

I think the song has similiar meaning to Sankyoudai’s “Onigishi”.

Apart from that, Per was supplying me with all the youtube links to DBSK’s clips. Xiah is so cute! :rofl:

The weekend flew past quite fast. Saturday, Sis and I went to Lucify’s concert at Dbl’O. I think all the magic from SuperBand is wearing off. Heh…Singapore NEVER had a market for singers. And the attitude of the singers matter a lot. Most of them I’ll say have this snooty attitude after the competition. I know that life has to return to what it used to be but don’t forget that you wanted to choose this path and with it comes other “responsibilities”. When you wanted those votes, you pleaded with us and were so friendly. Now that you’ve got that little recognition, you ignore us. Where’s the logic in that?

Anyway, Sis and I agreed that the concert was a little of a disappointment. It didn’t feel like a concert at all but another MediaCorp recording. Host was the same one from the competition. The songs they sang except for 2 Japanese songs were all sung during the competition. Afterall, Lucify started out being a J-Rock band, so we expected them to sing more Japanese songs. I even imagined that I’ll be going to watch Blackstones or Trapnest. OMG…Ling, it’s all your fault now that I’m stuck on NANA.

SAT this coming Saturday. I can’t believe I’m going through this another time. That little bit more confidence I had was kinda wiped out yesterday when I was attempting a paper. I ALWAYS seem to run out of time. And I hate this fact when I’m happily working on the maths problems. It’s not that I don’t know how to work it out but I need more time to attempt the problem. Bleargh.

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