takizawa kabuki

After all the years of hoping to go to a JE concert and/or seeing a JE boy, the first one I saw was Takki. (Luckily it was Takki and not some newbie small fry JE kid boy.) I believe this is the first time any JE-related event is held in Singapore.

I’m talking about this — Takizawa Kabuki, which was held from 18 to 23 August 2015. I attended the 18 August show. While I was partly thrilled to see Takki in person for the first time, I was also curious about the performance itself. I am actually interested in Japanese culture ok… I’ve attended a Noh play and Bunraku before, but not Kabuki. I’ve heard that this show is different from the traditional kabuki as it includes modern elements, but I wasn’t exactly sure what I was in for.

It was a little hard to take the arch as it was overhead. I like how it maintained the traditional feel of a theatre of a Japanese play.

My parents, sister, sister’s two friends and I were seated in the fifth row from the stage, so we pretty much got a very good view of all the actors. Everyone was just gasping and chirping with excitement when Takki emerged. Oh yes, Takki may have looked like he aged a little but he is still as flawless as ever. Apart from Takki, I only recognised three other JE boys — Kitayama Hiromitsu, Kawai Fumito and Ishigaki Daisuke. Haha, it’s been some time since I last fangirled and kept up with the Johnny’s empire, so my recognition of JE boys stops at around Ya-Ya-Yah’s time. There was this one dude that looked like Ayukawa Taiyo, but nah it wasn’t him. Taiyo left JE a long time ago. (Every time I think of Taiyo, I am reminded of his aho face in Oni Gokko Revolutions…this face…)

Throughout the whole show, all I could think of was “this feels like I’m watching Shonen Club”. All the singing and dancing. There were short excerpts of actual stories being played out, but it really didn’t feel like I was watching a traditional Japanese stage play. What was most intriguing was how Takki demonstrated the whole make up process for kabuki actors. He also demonstrated his skill in bringing out the essence of the character he was playing, no matter if it was male or female. Yup, you gotta give it up to Takki…he proves through his hard work that he is not just some pretty boy.

I was however, left a little puzzled. Was the show supposed to be a kabuki play with modern elements? Or was it more of an introduction of Japanese stage plays to foreigners?

Of course, Takki also made it known through the show that Japan is interested in forging stronger ties with Singapore. He included a scene in the show where a congratulatory message was played (for Singapore’s 50th year of independence), and song/dance to folk song “Rasa Sayang”. Oh wow. I was half expecting the SG50 logo to appear on screen (as you know, simi sai also SG50) and maybe they’ll all break out in song to the latest NDP theme song written by Dick Lee, but no, it didn’t happen. Haha.

There was a lot of swinging around overhead the audience as common with JE concerts. I was just worried that dirt from Takki’s shoes would fall on us as we were sitting so close to the stage and he was swinging directly overhead us. It was an awesome show nonetheless, with impressive backdrops and props. God knows how much they spent on bringing this show to Singapore. All I can say is, the ticket wasn’t awfully expensive.

The ticket and little “souvenirs” from the show…they were basically stuff that came down with the confetti.

Celebratory shot with my sister for finally catching a JE show.

sakura girl

I expected a new single from NewS since it’s Spring and the Sakura season, but I didn’t exactly expect it to be a sad song seeing how and their “サクラ咲ケ”.  Ok, the song isn’t a ballad, but it definitely talks about someone leaving her partner aka breakup. I couldn’t catch the meaning of the lyrics except for Massu’s solo part with just listening to the song, but after watching the PV with the lyrics, I could understand it. YES!!! This is huge improvement for my standard of Japanese!


Tego’s hair at the beginning of the PV is HORRIBLE. And him crying? -_-||| Makes me wanna go “c’mon, be a man, Tego!” Massu’s stoned face when he supposedly receives a breakup text message is hilarious. Much prefer his smiley face.

Oh, and when I first heard the song, it reminded me of ケツメイシ’s “さくら” except that this song has a faster beat, but the opening sounds rather similar.

ai ai gasa

Somehow, テゴマス always gets nice songs. :love:

[kml_flashembed movie="http://www.youtube.com/v/mKWyWFXBBJY" width="375" height="300" wmode="transparent" /]

I would have drawn this out, but there’s no scanner attached to Maru-chan and the desktop is pretty wonky.

ai wa nani?

I’ve thought about this before. Even discussed it with Sis. It is Chloe’s recent post that makes me want to discuss this openly here.

CJ said I’ve changed. Hmmmm, as much as I want to deny it, I guess it is partly true. I feel I’m more 優しい。Hey, but if you piss me off, I will still bite. It’s not like I’ve become a totally different person. Of course, to deary I’m like totally totally 優しい。How should I explain it? I guess I’ve carefully built a wall all these years to protect myself. I don’t want to show anyone my fears coz I feel the need to be tough. I always had the thought that I needed to be tough coz I’m small sized and can be easily bullied. No way am I going to let myself be bullied just like that. Then, along came deary…and suddenly I wonder to myself, “gawd, am I becoming soft?” But, is it wrong to be soft?

Deary makes me want to share how I feel, my joys, sadness, fears etc. Even if it’s a very minute thing that happened today that made me feel happy, I want to tell deary. This was one of the things I replied to Chloe’s post when she wondered what love is. There’s also something else which has crossed my mind before. Sis and I always say that we are not born with good looks. Then, we discovered the wonders of make-up. Yes, I agree that make-up can make you look a lot better. At least, I think there’s colour to my face when I have foundation and powder on it. I haven’t really put on make-up since I came to USA. Well, it’s just going to school, why the hell do I need to doll myself up? Thing is, deary is looking at this un-made-up face of mine and still loves me. Well, he still talks about bikini babes and what-not, but I’m sure he’s not going to drop me and go after them. Hmmm…I will kok his head if he does. He wanna talk about some bikini babe, I can always talk about Massu lorz. Hehehe… Point is, love is looking beyond what’s on the surface. I can look like I just rolled out of bed and he’ll still love me for who I am. Ok, I bet he’ll laugh at me first, then say that he loves me. :laugh:

Love is when you’re angry, but you still worry that the person you love is upset. I don’t want to explain this one, but I’m sure deary knows what I’m talking about. Love is when you want the best for the person you love. Hell yea, I can’t count the number of times I worry that I’m affecting deary’s studies even though he says I’m not. You know, it’s just different. I can afford to be cui…well, not really and not that I want to, but deary is on scholarship and it will affect his career later on if he messes up his studies.

I guess love means different things to different people, so I can’t exactly teach Chloe what is love. I guess it’s one of those things where you’ll know when you get there.

Hmmm…but I think love does make you change. Suddenly I’m thinking about the future. A future where there’s not only me. It was a matter of time that deary would have to know about my JE fangirling. Not that I’m embarassed about it, whoa…I’m like a JE fangirl and damn proud of it. Just that I’ve been thinking about it. All that spending of money, if there’s only me to consider then of course, I don’t really have to think about it. But, I’m no longer alone. I’m considering us; I’m considering about my future husband. When I talk about future husband, I’m speaking in general. I can’t tell what will happen in the future, so I’m not making any promises of forever. Don’t get me wrong though, of course I do hope (and will work at it) for our relationship to carry on and get stronger.

Anyway, I suddenly wondered the meaning of buying all those stuff. Am I going to be doing this even when I’m 30? 40? 50? Is it just something I’ll outgrow after some time? I guess I’ll need to cut down on the JE fangirling. Don’t think deary or future husband will be too happy about me gushing 24/7 over same random guys. Hmmm, but I don’t care ar…Massu is still going to be on my room wall. I am Mrs Masuda afterall. :yay:

tears of the sun

I see NewS has reached their second phase of their singing career. The phase where they get more grown up/serious songs. I’ve watched the pv for “太陽のナミダ”. Nothing much to say except that the setting looks good. At least, it doesn’t look like some cheap budget pv. I know this is weird of me not to gush over Massu, but he was all serious in the pv. I think I like smily, bounce around Massu better. The moody feeling seems to suit Shige and Ryo though. Oh, and the dance is a little weird. Maybe I need to watch a the pv a few more times to find it ok. *shrugs*

The ending was kinda hilarious though. P giving a grin, saying thank you in kansai-ben, and doing his trademark cups-over-eyes thing. This is the third time he’s doing that. :laugh:

Alright…just watch the pv.

[kml_flashembed movie="http://www.youtube.com/v/5Q1sA6KPXlk" width="400" height="325" wmode="transparent" /]

Talking about P, did you see the recent pictures of P in Anan magazine? OMG…what is the 老头 thinking? I don’t care if he allowed Matsujun to do something similar before. Matsujun is like senpai rank already.  Fans are like much older. But P? OMG…P was butt naked with an equally naked ang moh chick. Fans are so going to clobber the ang moh girl to death if they knew who she is.

Oh yea, I was busy downloading songs and stuff last night. I think The Brilliant Green’s new song “Ash Like Snow” sounds great! The song is used for the anime “Mobile Suit Gundam 00“. There’s something about Tommy – she looks so cute although she’s past 30. She has this childlike feeling around her.

[kml_flashembed movie="http://www.youtube.com/v/Bus7RLS_qoc" width="400" height="325" wmode="transparent" /]

Ok, last video… ºC-ute’s “LALALA 幸せの歌”. I don’t really fancy the new song. I think Tsunku should just stop adding his stupid voice in the songs. Totally spoilt the song. It’s also quite obvious who’s the favourite girl this time – Maimi. Maimai has grown! She’s no longer ちび of the group. 🙂

[kml_flashembed movie="http://www.youtube.com/v/raXUIgTXBDk" width="400" height="325" wmode="transparent" /]

thanksgiving trip

In about 4 hours time, I will be going to Niagara Falls!!! *sings* So exciting! It will last for 50 years~~~

This also means that Thanksgiving break has officially started~~~ And omg, I have not worked on Rhet essay and Econs essay which is due the week after thanksgiving~~~ I’m going to dieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee~~~

I couldn’t tahan. I downloaded the NewS concert to watch on the trip and of course, GET HIGH! :laugh: That totally ate up my dorm bandwidth, but who cares? I’ll be away and not be using the internet, so it really doesn’t matter.

some memorable clips

New PV for Berryz工房’s “付き合っているのに片思い”。Judging from the PV set, I expected the song to be a nice slow one. Nope, it wasn’t. Doesn’t quite match and the song isn’t really that impressive. Tsunku is obviously being very biased. How come Risako gets so much screen time? I would have preferred seeing Miyabi more. Then, there are some odd scenes of them floating and looking so much like ghosts.

I’m high! Why? NewS lahz…what else would make me high? :laugh: The Russ-K CM… The sexy Osaka man (Ryo) looks the coolest in the CM. Isn’t Per pleased to know that? :laugh:

[kml_flashembed movie="http://www.youtube.com/v/osYw9OHoHUA" width="400" height="325" wmode="transparent" /]

I missed Aho Maru’s “yatta pon~~~” so I searched for the clips and found them! :laugh:

[kml_flashembed movie="http://www.youtube.com/v/ruXej7LMRX4" width="400" height="325" wmode="transparent" /]

Oh…and Aho Maru as an obachan. It’s absolutely hilarious. :laugh:

[kml_flashembed movie="http://www.youtube.com/v/WptXNJDUgwM" width="400" height="325" wmode="transparent" /]


[edited on October 30, 2007 @ 12.45am]
After getting “weeeek!” stuck in my head for awhile, I went to watch Hinoi Team’s “Night Of Fire” PV to learn a few steps for the J-Net fashion show. Let’s just say I’m TERRIBLE at dance (even para para) and now the stupid song is stuck in my head. Omg…I’m just going to dream the song tonight. How the hell am I going to learn this?!

[kml_flashembed movie="http://www.youtube.com/v/WQGIIibJ3TI" width="400" height="325" wmode="transparent" /]

When I feel a little down, all I need is JE and Massu to make me happy.

NewS – weeeek! PV is out!!! Wooooooooooooo~~~

The PV isn’t a whole lot interesting but the song is rather happy and infectious. Gives you the drive to carry on even if you’re having the Monday blues.

Ryo cut his hair and it looks a bit like P’s hairstyle. Still not used to seeing Tego with dyed hair.

[kml_flashembed movie="http://www.youtube.com/v/ai8DI9nGVLs" width="400" height="325" wmode="transparent" /]