sakura girl

I expected a new single from NewS since it’s Spring and the Sakura season, but I didn’t exactly expect it to be a sad song seeing how and their “サクラ咲ケ”.  Ok, the song isn’t a ballad, but it definitely talks about someone leaving her partner aka breakup. I couldn’t catch the meaning of the lyrics except for Massu’s solo part with just listening to the song, but after watching the PV with the lyrics, I could understand it. YES!!! This is huge improvement for my standard of Japanese!

Tego’s hair at the beginning of the PV is HORRIBLE. And him crying? -_-||| Makes me wanna go “c’mon, be a man, Tego!” Massu’s stoned face when he supposedly receives a breakup text message is hilarious. Much prefer his smiley face.

Oh, and when I first heard the song, it reminded me of ケツメイシ’s “さくら” except that this song has a faster beat, but the opening sounds rather similar.

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