miso shiru

Please pardon my retardedness (is there such a word?) Mrs Masuda hasn’t been doing her homework since August.

So the rumours are true. Tego and Massu have a new song titled “Miso Soup”. Haha…fancy singing about miso soup. Hmmm…but it suits Massu coz the boy loves food. Have yet to hear the song. I read about it in the forums but didn’t think too much. Saturday, Yui told me about it and I was feeling a little guilty not knowing. Hello, how can Mrs Masuda not know what is going on with her hubby? :rofl:

Anyway, someone in JPM actually met them in Sweden. KYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!! I think I’ll just be smiling like an idiot if I see Massu. The boy is too genki. :rofl: Can’t stop kyaa-ing now…

Idol is back in action on Yui’s tagboard. Idol is well…*sigh* just idol. No one, repeat NO ONE can compare to idol.

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