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I suddenly realised that my ringtone is quite ironic. It’s like before I actually hear my mum’s voice nagging me to go home, I already get the message. Hahaha… :laugh:

Ladies and gentlemen, may I present to you…Kuro-chan!

No, I do not have a habit of naming my belongings. I happened to fiddle around with the phone and found this option for “bluetooth profile”. The default was the model number which is kinda uncool. So I decided to name it “kuro-chan”. Duh…coz the phone is black. The good thing is, this new phone can be used in Japan. Essential since our family has sort of made Japan our yearly holiday destination. It will be used to keep in contact with each other should we move around on our own.

I couldn’t bear to leave my Osaka Kaiyukan handphone strap on my old phone. The handphone strap with the hearts was my birthday gift from Joyce. Right now, Gaki-san has the honour of being my handphone wallpaper. Previously it was Ai-chan but I thought Gaki-san looked cuter. The picture coming from her second photobook. Ringtone is set to ∞SAKAおばちゃんROCK…although it doesn’t really make a difference coz the ringing seems to be shorter so I only get to hear Hina yelling his “他所は他所! 家は家!” bit and beginnings of the song.

Haven’t gotten the photos Cas and Xiuwei took at Yingwei and Clare’s wedding. I’ll post some up and talk about it once I get them. Gonna have to wait some time though coz Cas’s computer is down.

I missed the results for this week’s round of SuperBand. Too tired so went to lie down for awhile, not knowing that I’ll actually sleep for at least 2 hours. Anyway, Sis told me it was down to Lucify and 馒头. And Lucify made it. From now on, it’s going to be a tough fight…

Psycho number 1 has decided to wage war against Sis. Haha…think we’re scared? I say, BRING IT ON!!! Personally, I think you’re damn FAKE. Your so-called friendships are built upon your whims and fancies. One day you feel like being chummy, the next you’ve thrown your “friends” to one side and probably use every bad word under the sun to describe them. And you think we’ll come running to you, begging you not to leave us? DREAM ON. *rolls eyes* Gawd, rolling my eyes doesn’t even come close to how I view this whole situation. More like digging my eyes out and rolling them on the table like dice. You act as if you own them. Honey, they are humans not objects. They have every right to make their own decisions. Seriously, I pity you for having such behaviour.

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