italy made it

Wasn’t really interested since Brazil got knocked out at the quarter-finals. I wasn’t even sure I was going to watch the finals until Sis pulled me to the tv to watch it with her. Kinda ironic coz she fell asleep and I was watching it all the way later. :laugh:

Zidane’s head butt into the chest of the Italian was a stupid stupid act. To get it caught on camera was worse. The referee didn’t catch that but how to even bluff when it’s caught on camera? To get sent off the field at such a crucial time…*sigh* Oh well…World Cup 2006 belongs to Italy now. He’ll have to wait another 4 years to redeem himself.

And I can’t make it now…the bed calls out to me… :sleep:

One thought on “italy made it

  1. that zidane part was funny. too bad, he wasnt there for the penalty shoot out. if not he could have replaced that guy-who-cant-shoot-properly. i wanted france to win 🙁

    elisia says: It\’s not funny lahz. France could have a chance to win. The blardee guy must have said something really insulting else Zidane wouldn\’t have lost his cool.

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