unleash the anger in you

Nothing much going on these few days. I’m trying to download Massu’s new drama and still clear out my hard drive. It’s an ongoing process… :laugh:

We had a farewell dinner for JW on Wednesday as he’ll be leaving for Australia tomorrow. Went to Eatz19 at Bugis.

Tomorrow is the last day of the Hokkaido fair at TM. I don’t really want it to end yet I want it to end. Don’t really want it to end coz I love the food!!! :heart: The purin, dango, onigiri, soft cream, croquette…KYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA~~~ But I also want it to end coz the crowd irritates me. :glare:

Talking about people who irritate the hell outta me. I was paying up for some stuff at the express lane at NTUC when this uncle at the counter next to mine bent over to tell the cashier he wanted Winston cigarettes. She couldn’t find the right box in the rows of cigarette boxes. So he was exclaiming pretty loudly “Winston…WIN-STON”…hell, he was yelling it right in my ear. I HATE HATE HATE people yelling right in my ear. :angry: :angry: :angry: FUCK MANZ. UNCLE, YOU CAN TAKE YOUR DAMN WINSTON CIGGIES AND GO TO HELL LAHZ! Or maybe that’ll be the last pack you’ll ever smoke coz after that I hope you get lung cancer and die.

That’s much better now. I believe you have to let the anger out… *smiles sweetly*

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