we will remember…

I didn’t know him personally nor was I even a huge fan of his to begin with. Yet, this photo has become precious…

…coz there won’t be another chance to take a photo with him anymore.

When Sis told me over the phone, “Ishi is dead.” I didn’t think it was for real. It was after I asked what she meant by that statement, the news started to sink in. It is reported that Ishi was found dead in his car. Around the car were puddles of vomit. There are rumours that he committed suicide since it was said that he left a message in MSN saying goodbye to all. Police have classified it as unnatural death. That’s as far as we know for now. Read the news here.

I don’t think he died of carbon monoxide poisoning since there were puddles of vomit which meant he actually felt sick. Took pills, maybe? Took medication with alcohol, another possibility? Everything said now is just speculation.

I think the saddest thing of people who commit suicide is that we will never know what actually went through their minds. We will never know why they chose to end their lives. I often think it’s a choice – a bad one. The problem never stops there coz it becomes a heartbreak to others. Sis often says that I don’t know what it’s like to live with depression, how one has to struggle just living every day that’s why I can say stuff like this. I think we’re both right.

Where do people who commit suicide go? It’s not like they committed an unpardonable crime so they are damned to go to hell. Yet, to say that they will go to heaven is wrong too since it is a punishable act. Maybe an alternate dimension exists? Somewhere with nothing? Level zero?

No matter what, I hope Ishi finds the answers he is looking for. Rest in peace, Ishi Lau.

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