are we good or evil?

Yes! I’ve completed watching Liar Game. The last episode was kinda exciting seeing how each person tried to outwit each other and become the greatest liar and winner. I was trying to fight myself from cheating and pushing the time slide to the end to find out the ending first. I fought the temptation and managed to watch the drama unfold bit by bit.

Ok, I admit I’m a sucker for romance. I was hoping Nao and Akiyama would end up a couple instead of a special friends??? The ending was not really expected but then again whoever believed that this world be rid of evil is too innocent…like Nao. Sure, I believe that there’s some good in everyone and I always hope that everyone would let their good side triumph over their evil side. But it’s hard to believe that everyone would just end up being good.

There’s this Chinese poem with the first line “人之初,性本善。” and it is by nurture that we learn to be evil. Hmmm…how about I complicate things by using the same logic of “egg first or chicken first?” What if we’re all born evil? Or are we just neither good nor evil at the beginning and cursed with the knowledge of it only to be discovered later? Afterall, Adam and Eve ate the fruit from the tree of knowledge of good and evil which kinda damned us all.

Ok, I’m really not making any sense here…

Aside from that, I am rather thrilled to know that there will be a Japanese drama version of 花ざかりの君たちへ。Even more thrilled that Toma will be acting in it. :yay: Only, I’m kinda disappointed at the choice of actress for the role of 瑞希。Why Horikita Maki?! I expected someone a bit more of a tomboy. See, the Taiwanese were smart to choose Ella for the role coz she’s all gungho yet cute in her own way. Horikita Maki is way too girly for the role. Just coz she’s rather popular now means she has to be casted in every drama. The choice of actor for the role of 泉 is also rather…hmmm…not quite sure about it. But hey, I’m not complaining coz it’s Oguri Shun. Hehe… :laugh:

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