NewS going to taiwan

何で?! *抓狂 mode*

NewS is holding a concert in Taiwan in October.  If I wasn’t going to study, I would have saved up to go. Afterall, going to Taiwan is cheaper than going to Japan right?

Feel like biting someone now…#$%^($#*^

One thought on “NewS going to taiwan

  1. The problem with this is, most J bands/ singers would choose to go elsewhere to hold concerts and never ever thought of coming to Singapore… since SG is like what? A tiny dot on the world map. And I as well, want to fly to Tw *wink wink* and grab a seat at their concert… but i’m so out of luck.. that my holidays end before october even comes T.T (while other poly students enjoy 7-week hol.. sp students enjoy only 4-week hol -_-)

    I’m still waiting for Ayu to come to Sg one day to hold a concert…

    But if we could spread our love around XD then maybe one day they would come XP

    One day…

    *prays hard*

    p.s. yes, i’m the lace from project news. sorry if i startled you. XD

    elisia says: I guess Singapore will never be a choice country for Japanese artistes to hold their concerts. Ayu hold a concert in Singapore? Forget it. She’s a diva so I suspect she’ll request for the sky, the moon, the sun…which we will not be able to afford. The closest would be in 2004 when she came for the MTV Asia Awards.

    No, you didn’t startle me. Just that I seldom have people commenting on my entries. I have quite a few silent readers.

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