I have a new friend. I finally got a laptop. Been thinking of a name for this Fujitsu… It’s black but I can’t possibly name it kuro-chan coz that’s the name of my handphone. Haha, then I thought about getting a name which is JE related. Thought of aho Maru. :laugh: Maruko is supposed to be the girl version of him as mentioned in Shonen Club. But I don’t want my laptop to be a girl! やだ! :sweat: So maybe it’ll just be called Maru-chan?

I also finally watched the NANA 2 dvd I got from Amazon. It didn’t have subtitles but I’ve read the manga so I know how the story goes. I think the second part isn’t as great as the first. The whole story was focussed on the relationship between Hachi and Takumi. There was little mention of Nana and Ren or Reira and Shin. Come to think of it, the second part didn’t even start where the first part ended. The turn of events towards the ending was kinda fast too.

I think 市川由衣 is pretty but she’s not cute. 宮崎あおい was a much better Hachi. She is cute without being overly cute which totally fits the role.

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