a taste of kyoto

I met Per and Wenling on Tuesday. We went to Chinatown coz Per wanted to look for beads. You know what, Nad? I wish I knew about the 2 shops in People’s Park Centre earlier so we wouldn’t have spent a bomb on beads when we working on our O’Level embroidery. Wah lau…definitely cheaper than A’NBC lahz. Plus they have more choices like crystals and stuff. Blah…

Anyway, we had a super early dinner. Hmmm…can it even be called dinner? We went to the é”…è´´ place again. The é”…è´´ and 小笼包 there is deeeeeeeeelicious. Not to mention the prices are affordable. I’m ok with gyoza but sometimes I don’t really like it if the taste of the chives inside is pretty strong. This one is perfectly fine. No strong taste at all. 🙂

Wenling left us, Per and I continued to Bugis. Just walking around…then Per said Juliah was going to come meet us. When Juliah arrived, we went to this relatively new Japanese place under Ajisen. It’s called “Kyoto Sabo Ajitei”. Looking at the menu, I definitely couldn’t resist it. Hungry again. :rofl: Per and I shared a curry rice set. カレーライス~~~ :love:

Then came desserts. All the desserts looked good! Per and I decided on a parfait. Juliah had ice-cream with dango. Glad we decided to share the parfait coz it was kinda huge. Definitely worth the price. There’s pieces of warabi mochi and konnyaku jelly at the bottom. On top, there’s a mountain of macha soft cream with pieces of peaches at the side. Oh, they also have the sweet sauce dango that I love. But that’ll have to wait for the next round. :laugh:



One thought on “a taste of kyoto

  1. omg. so wasted!! ):

    elisia says: Yea, regret not knowing about the shop earlier. But no use lahz…that was like 5 years ago? Haha…

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